not beat about/around the bush

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not beat about/around the bush

To not speak vaguely or euphemistically; to be frank and direct. Don't beat around the bush—just tell me the truth. I wish they wouldn't beat about the bush like that. If they're going to fire me, then they should just fire me already!
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not beat around the bush


not beat about the bush

If you don't beat around the bush or don't beat about the bush, you say what you want to say clearly and directly. Let's not beat about the bush. I think these letters are worth a lot to you. Note: In game shooting, beaters drive birds or small animals out of the undergrowth by beating it with sticks. They may have to do this cautiously as they do not know exactly where the birds or animals are.
See also: around, beat, bush, not
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And not beating around the bush, the Judge Geordie host said: "I've had some terrible relationships.
So,being vegetarian,and being rather fond of fat game birds -however you interpret that phrase -I am genetically predisposed towards not beating around the bush.