not an earthly

not have an earthly chance

To have no possible or feasible chance of doing or accomplishing something. Primarily heard in UK. He doesn't have an earthly chance of winning, but I'm voting for him nonetheless. I knew I wouldn't have an earthly chance of getting that promotion if I didn't make myself stand out in the company more.
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not (have) an ˈearthly (chance)

(British English, informal) (have) no chance at all: You haven’t an earthly chance of beating her at tennis — she is one of the best players in the country.‘Any chance of getting a ticket for the concert?’ ‘Not an earthly, I’m afraid.’
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References in classic literature ?
Berg with tender smiles was saying to Vera that love is not an earthly but a heavenly feeling.
Jesus answered, "My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom.
In a 40-year career, I have been tasked many times with tracking down the living dead and uncovered nothing that had not an earthly explanation.
The crowning moment came when Richardson flashed home a stunning 20-yard free kick that gave Given not an earthly.
With United trailing 0-2 Best sent Pat Crerand away down the right-wing and sprinted 40 yards to ghost in and take the cross in full flight and his "finishing shot had a merciless quality that gave a goalkeeper even of Glazier's calibre not an earthly chance."
I AM WRITING this review while New York City is still smoldering by people who died believing that utopia is not an earthly place, but, an ethereal no place entered into only after death.
If an earthly Mother was admirable, why not an earthly Father?
"We've got to concentrate on our game just as a few years ago when I was fortunate enough to win a title with Rangers on the last day when we were given not an earthly.
The 17th-minute run that carved Accies wide open had the 44,000 watching on their feet and although he didn't hit the target on that occasion, he had to wait just another seven minutes to open the scoring with a blistering 25-yard shot that gave Tomas Cerny not an earthly.
Dave Moss was on to it in a flash with a 10-yarder which gave Main not an earthly.
He drifted between two defenders and his bulleted downward header gave Gianluca Pagluica not an earthly.
A left-foot flick over Colin Hendry and then a right-foot shot which gave Andy Goram not an earthly.