not able to stomach

not able to stomach (something)

1. Lacking the courage, determination, or resolve to do, face, or experience something unpleasant. The military always sounded interesting as a means of traveling the world, but I wasn't be able to stomach the thought of having to kill. I'm not able to stomach scary movies at all, but my girlfriend loves them.
2. Physically unable to digest or tolerate a certain food without discomfort. I love living in India, but not being able to stomach spicy food makes mealtimes here rather difficult. I'm just not able to stomach rich, fatty foods like I did when I was younger.
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not able to stomach someone or something

 and cannot stomach someone or something
Fig. not to be able to put up with someone or something; not to be able to tolerate or endure someone or something. Jane cannot stomach violent movies. The sensitive student could not stomach a lot of ridicule.
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KCR said that Chandrababu Naidu and Venkakaih Naidu were creating problems because they were not able to stomach the good work of the KCR government.
Craske revealed that he was not even sure whether he would attend school on June 1, as he was still not able to stomach the group winning.
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