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nosy parker

A person who likes to meddle or pry into other people's lives. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I have to be careful about what I tell Betty because she's such a nosy parker that she'll bombard you with questions at the slightest provocation.
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a ˌnosy ˈparker

(British English, informal, becoming old-fashioned) a person who is too interested in other people’s private lives: Our next door neighbour is a real nosy parker. He always has to know everything about everybody on our street.
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nosy parker

and nosey Parker (ˈnozi ˈpɑrkɚ)
n. a nosy person. (Also a term of address. No one really knows who or what parker is or was. It is an old expression, used in British and American English, at least. Some would like to derive it from nose-poker, but there is no record of the latter aver having been said.) Look, you nosy parker, mind your own business.
See also: nosy, parker
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Nosier adds that the clubs that can participate in the professional league are Ahly, Zamalek, Ismaili, El-Masry, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Enppi, Wady Degla, Smouha, El-Gouna and Misr Elmaqasah (MCSD).
We expect more ships in the coming period over the next three months," Nosier added.
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This is where the family of Nosier cartridges reigns supreme.
Depending on the load, one of the brand's proven bullets--AccuBond, Partition, Ballistic Tip or E-Tip--is carefully fitted into Nosier brass confirmed to be of precisely the right length, neck dimensions and flash hole alignment.
O'Brien eventually sold his restaurants in October 2003 to Raymond Nosier, who had been approved by McDonald's, for an undisclosed price.
Women are nosier than men, with 42 per cent taking a sneaky peak at their partners' text messages and emails, said Comic Relief Red Nose Day sponsor's Sainsbury's.
INQUISITIVE Warwickshire readers have asked library staff 500,000 questions over the last year, and figures show they are getting nosier.
In the mid-1940s, he invented the now-famous Nosier Partition hunting bullet.
His favorite recipe is 95 grains of Alliant Reloder 25 behind a Berger 165-grain VLD Hunting or Nosier AccuBond sparked by a Federal 215 Magnum primer.
264 is not as fast as the Nosier and not as efficient as the Norma, I still like it.
We asked Zack at Nosier and he replied, "After doing a bit of digging, I found the numbers I sent were from prototype brass, so with production .
Unfortunately, the bullet I really wanted, the 85-grain Nosier Partition, is no longer made
However, the amount of money Nosier requires is much less than what it should be once you consider exactly what you're getting.