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nosy parker

A person who likes to meddle or pry into other people's lives. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I have to be careful about what I tell Betty because she's such a nosy parker that she'll bombard you with questions at the slightest provocation.
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a nosey parker

A nosey parker is someone who wants to know too much about other people. Note: `Nosey' is sometimes spelled `nosy'. The village's resident nosey parker, Olive, likes to spy on her neighbours with binoculars. Supermarkets are a nosy parker's paradise. The contents of strangers' trollies tell us so much about their lives. Note: `Parker' may refer to Matthew Parker, who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1559, and had a reputation for interfering in people's business.
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nosy parker

and nosey Parker (ˈnozi ˈpɑrkɚ)
n. a nosy person. (Also a term of address. No one really knows who or what parker is or was. It is an old expression, used in British and American English, at least. Some would like to derive it from nose-poker, but there is no record of the latter aver having been said.) Look, you nosy parker, mind your own business.
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nosey Parker

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Mincy contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Nosey Shade to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
O'Brien is best known in American indie circles as a born-and-bred Vermonter who has made whimsical comedies mixing the sweet and sarcastic, all lensed in his tiny hometown of Tunbridge ("Vermont Is for Lovers" and "A Man With a Plan" precede "Nosey Parker" as O'Brien's "Tunbridge Trilogy").
As of now, Nosey Parker learnt that the actor was able to raise enough money for ticket to travel to meet the Oyinbo woman and indications are pointing to the fact that the ex-wife is making efforts to bail him out of his situation.
"Meet the real nosey parkers in this fantastic show which picked up the Edinburgh Fringe Evening News Capital Award."
Mr Dove said: "He said he did not open them to find cash, he was simply being nosey. Some items were minus their contents but he denied stealing them."
Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary) is as funny as can be playing the eccentric and nosey neighbor, walking her pet fish and imbibing at all hours of the day.
In this context, it's worth pointing out that thanks to the internet and all the wonders of online property marketing - which these days includes everything from 360-degree virtual tours and computer-generated 3D walkthroughs to Google Streetview - even a nosey neighbour can get a pretty good idea of what your home looks like and how it is situated, without going to the trouble of registering with an estate agent.
"She's extremely nosey and is into everything." "Her favourite treat is a bag of fish bits from the local chip shop.
The nosey horse became jammed while peering into a trunk in a field in West Virginia.
I blame it on my nosey nature, but that is going to be it for me this year.
The North East because strangers talk to each other on buses and it is kindly meant and a bit nosey as well.
Performance of the night in trial stakes came from Alison Ingram's Vipar Totti (28.08sec, +20), while Seamus Cahill landed a treble courtesy of Milldean Flash (28.39sec), Kilgraney Agassi (28.56sec) and Rooster Nosey (28.49sec).
NOSEY puppy Keano kept his head after getting stuck in an ornamental wall.
* NASA doesn't pay Aldrich, but his "nosey" talents make space more enjoyable for the astronauts.
And cops told Robert they'd had a complaint from a nosey neighbour, who spotted him reading the sexy magazine in his own home.