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nosy parker

A person who likes to meddle or pry into other people's lives. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I have to be careful about what I tell Betty because she's such a nosy parker that she'll bombard you with questions at the slightest provocation.
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a nosey parker

A nosey parker is someone who wants to know too much about other people. Note: `Nosey' is sometimes spelled `nosy'. The village's resident nosey parker, Olive, likes to spy on her neighbours with binoculars. Supermarkets are a nosy parker's paradise. The contents of strangers' trollies tell us so much about their lives. Note: `Parker' may refer to Matthew Parker, who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1559, and had a reputation for interfering in people's business.
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nosy parker

and nosey Parker (ˈnozi ˈpɑrkɚ)
n. a nosy person. (Also a term of address. No one really knows who or what parker is or was. It is an old expression, used in British and American English, at least. Some would like to derive it from nose-poker, but there is no record of the latter aver having been said.) Look, you nosy parker, mind your own business.
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nosey Parker

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RESULTS OF ROSEY NOSEY RACE: 1 T Higginbottom (Eryri) 25.
TO WIN: Simply tell us: What is the name of Jack and Victor's nosey friend?
Draw for Sunday's John Smith's Kent Derby final (betting from local layer John Wilson): 1 Directors Chair (9-2), 2 Blonde Buzz (5-2), 3 Moaning Zizou (14-1), 4 Rough Gerrard (2-1), 5 Debbies Choice (7-4), 6 Rooster Nosey (20-1)
The red and white Parker Vector Nosey Parker rollerball pen virtually laughs in your hand and is covered with red noses and "He, He He's" - what's more, for every pen sold (rrp pounds 4.
MORE than half of us believe nosey neighbours are the best way to beat burglars.
Heat two was dominated by Blonde Buzz and Rooster Nosey, with the former just getting the better of Tony Collett's runner, who had made a flying start from the six-box by a length in 29.
FUR WHEEL DRIVE: The bear ambles into the road; FORD CLAW-TINA: It coolly approaches one car; STANDING TRAFFIC: It has a nosey in the window; PICTURES; RUCKAS
Sent in by Shirley Jones of Carmel, CaernarfonGellart is Terry's best friend and he spends hours at the window just being nosey.
HOUSE-hunters or just those with a naturally nosey inclination will be fascinated by Location Location Location, Channel 4 always watchable property series.
The devil knows that most of the residents of Sleepy Hollow wouldn't mind getting rid of the cowardly but nosey sleuth, who's unearthing an embarrassing conspiracy among the town fathers.
A nosey lorry driver alerted police after the London Docklands bombing when he saw an artist's impression of the suspected bomb carrier, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
And so long as they don't start sewing sequins and spangles on me again, I'll be dead excited to have a good nosey around
Click on 1624 explore and you'll find a section on how to get into the arts, or you could have a nosey at what other creative young people are doing in 'talent check'.
He soon gets all nosey and self-righteous, despite being saddled with an ex-girlfriend partner (Madeleine Stowe's Sarah Sunhill) and pressure all up and down the local chain of command to keep the inquiry discreet and ``in the army way.
YET to win in 20 starts, Old Nosey is best avoided like a deodorantless tube traveller during the heatwave in Perth's Mowlem Novices' Handicap Hurdle this afternoon.