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noun One who seeks out the approval, attention, and/or support of others, especially superiors, through abject subservience, flattery, or fawning. Tim is such an obvious brown-noser, always complementing the boss on her ideas and saying yes to anything she suggests.
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1. and brownie and brown-noser n. a sycophant; one who flatters for self-serving motives. You are just a plain old brown-nose. Will some brown-noser please try to get the teacher to put off the test?
2. tv. & in. to curry favor with someone; to be a sycophant. Don keeps brown-nosing, and the professor pretends not to notice.


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"Why do you want to be friends with her?" "I signed you up to be my partner for the recital audition." "Stop raising your hand so much in class, Brown Noser!" Real friends don't tell you who to hang out with, make decisions for you or dictate how you should (or shouldn't) conduct yourself.
Shameless networking can get you a reputation as a brown noser. Many employers will be put off if they think your arrival in the office is going to create friction.
AS AN aspiring thruster, the brown noser wants to play office politics, but mistakes the concept of impressing the boss with being desperate to please and compliment the boss in any way possible.
On the reverse side, those persons choosing to waltz in the alleyway of neutrality are often given the names of Uncle Tom, brown noser, Oreo, whigger, acquessor or wannabe.
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