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put on the feedbag

and put on the nosebag and tie on the nosebag
tv. to prepare to eat; to eat a meal. (Refers to a bag of feed tied under a horse’s mouth.) I’m starved. Must be time to put on the feedbag. Let’s go to Mickey D’s and tie on the feedbag.
See also: feedbag, on, put

put on the nosebag

See also: nosebag, on, put

tie on the nosebag

See also: nosebag, on, tie
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In the Nosebag and adjoining 'Public bar' (surely it could be given a more interesting name) there are some big pictures but not much seating.
I've asked the other girls round for a bit of nosebag and a natter,' she told me.
And after blending some oils in a nosebag for the mare, its lung infection cleared up.
THE winner of last week's crossword is David Smith, from Ayrshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Proverb 9 Grime 10 Total 11 Tutored 12 Ran 13 Charming 16 Defender 17 Gnu 19 Memento 21 Krill 22 Sheen 23 Sitters DOWN: 1 Upstart 2 Continue 3 Reel 4 Egg-timer 5 Pier 6 Bendy 8 Bits and bobs 13 Cleaning 14 Negligee 15 Cutlass 18 Amish 20 Meet 21 Kith QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Direct debit 8 Doc 9 Rot 11 Evening 12 Thigh 13 Fed 14 Say 15 Nosebag 17 Rib 19 Else 21 Omen 23 Some 25 Afar 27 Toy 29 Stirrup 31 Lap 34 Ate 36 Alert 37 Thermal 38 Spa 39 End 40 Stimulating DOWN: 1 Dove 2 Iced 3 Episode 4 Tagged 5 Extra 6 Iris 7 Toga 8 Defer 10 Thyme 16 Gem 18 Boa 20 Let 22 Mrs 24 Opulent 25 Atlas 26 Brutal 28 Yield 30 Totem 32 Alps 33 Peat 34 Amen 35 Tang
When our culinary heroes switch their talents to knocking up nosebag for 812 public school kids at Harrow, Mrs H is sweating up a storm as she stirs her chicken.
On the pitch, McLeish's team have been a revelation, unbeaten at home against the top six and serving haute cuisine in exalted company where the Championship had been a scramble for the nearest nosebag.
Spurred by that thought, the sisters cantered through childhood in their jodhpurs, riding over the meadows, mucking out the stables in their wellies, flicking pebbles from hooves, and listening to contented snorts from the nosebag.
Suggesting that punters risk money on Pardon What in the Nosebag Take-Away At Fontwell Park Novices' Handicap Hurdle (1.
The ceremony was taken at a gallop, the guests all anxious to get to the nosebag.
Patriots like Norrie the Nosebag and Big Turk were none too pleased.
At the centre of this entertaining ball of culinary confusion are the Iron Chefs themselves, whose task is to beat lesser chefs at knocking up nosebag.
HORSES would happily forsake their traditional nosebag of oats for a hot and spicy curry-flavoured meal, researchers have discovered.
95, while our a la carte nosebag for three (including two bottles of wine) was just over 70 quid.