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20 to (some hour)

Twenty minutes before the next hour. Come on, kids, hurry up! It's already 20 to 8, and we have to be there by 8:10! A: "Is it 5:40? Or 20 to 6?" B: "It's both. You do know that they refer to the same time, right?"
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high noon

1. Literally, at or very near midday (noon). It's only 9 AM and the heat out here is sweltering; by high noon, that sun will be deadly.
2. The peak or most advanced stage of a given period. At the high noon of the economic boom, people spent money on the most ridiculous things. The actor had been a household name at the high noon of his career, but nowadays, there are few who even remember him.
3. The critical or appointed time of a decisive confrontation, crisis, or contest. It's high noon for these two teams, as the result of this game will determine who makes it to the finals.
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morning, noon, and night

All day; all the time. I've been working morning, noon, and night around here trying to get the house ready to go up for sale. You've been playing video games morning, noon, and night. I think you should take a break to do some homework.
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morning, noon and night

If something happens or is done morning, noon and night, it happens or is done all the time. You get fit by playing the game, day in, day out, morning, noon and night. He thought about Paloma morning, noon and night.
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morning, noon, and night

all of the time; constantly.
1993 Tony Parker May the Lord in His Mercy be Kind to Belfast It was the sort [of relationship] where nothing else matters for you except to be with that other person morning, noon and night.
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morning, noon and ˈnight

at all times of the day and night (used to emphasize that something happens very often or that it happens continuously): When Sally was a baby she used to cry morning, noon and night.
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