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use (one's) noodle

To use one's own intelligence and intellectual ability; to think logically and rationally. ("Noodle" here is slang for head or brain. Often said as an imperative.) Come on, Dean, I know you can figure this out on your own. Use your noodle for a change! I can't believe you were arrested for selling marijuana. What were you thinking? Why don't you use your noodle once in a while?
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noodle around

to wander around; to fiddle around with something. I couldn't find the instructions so I spent the afternoon noodling around, trying to find out how it worked. I noodled around until I found the right address.
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noodle over something

Inf. to think about something. Let's noodle over this problem for a bit and discuss it at our next meeting.
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use one's head

 and use one's noggin; use one's noodle
Fig. to use one's own intelligence. (The words noggin and noodle are slang terms for "head.") You can do better in math if you'll just use your head. Jane uses her noggin and gets things done correctly and on time. Yes, she sure knows how to use her noodle.
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n. (one’s) head. Put your hat on your noodle, and let’s go.

Use your head!

and Use your noggin! and Use your noodle!
exclam. Think!; Think it through! You know the answer. Use your head! Use your noggin’, dogg!
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Use your noodle!

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wet noodle

n. a dupe; a wimp. Don’t be such a wet noodle. Don’t let them push you around.
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BABA Ramdev's Patanjali Atta noodles, which were set to raise competition in the market, seem to be falling prey to controversies with worms being found in a packet in Narwana city of Jind district in Haryana.
China is the world's largest instant noodle market, according to the World Instant Noodles Association, although its per capita consumption pales next to South Korea's.
According to the Daily Star, Pot Noodle Marketing Manager Monique Rossi said that they do not know what the future holds for the England squad out in Rio but at least the striker will walk away with one trophy this year after the noodle company gave Wayne a trophy for being 'Pot Noodle Man of the Munch'.
Returning to its roots, the restaurant has increased its noodle offering with twelve new dishes across two sections: wok fried noodles and noodle soups.
However, the Korean Embassy in Manila argued that the benzoprene contained in the instant noodle products are not enough to harm consumers after tests by their FDA.
Baixiang Pork-bone Instant Noodles, as a product in the global instant noodle industry, has also broken the "Zero" record in its 50-year history, which indicates that the Chinese instant noodle enterprises have already had the innovation strength to challenge the international top technologies.
For all noodle samples to which the banana flour was added, low temperature storage significantly decreased the lightness of the samples, compared to the fresh samples.
Visitors can also eat at a restaurant that serves noodle dishes from around the world, while children can experience the whole cup-noodle-making process from noodle preparation to the final shipment stage at a playground that mimics a factory.
SAINT: Chicken Noodles, Chinese Style, Good For You, Asda, 75cals per 100g SINNER: Chicken Flavour Noodles, Value, Tesco, 170cals per 100g SAVING: 95cals If eaten once a week for a year, save 5200cals SAINT: Chow Mein Noodles, Stir Fry, Tesco, 58cals per 100g SINNER: Chow Mein Noodles, Flavour, Instant, Morrisons, 191cals per 100g SAVING: 133cals If eaten once a week for a year, save 6916cals SAINT: Egg Noodles, Fine, M&S, 120cals per 100g SINNER: Egg Noodles, Fine, Waitrose, 353cals per 100g SAVING: 233cals If eaten once a week for a year, save 12116cals
The larger-format Nation's Normous Noodle range (rsp: ggp for 112g-116g pots) was launched last month in a bid to take on Unilever's King Pot Noodle.
Taiwan's three food giants-Uni-President Group, Ting Hsin International Group, and Want Want Group-have built considerable success in China, with Uni-President and Ting Hsin already known as major instant noodle suppliers backed by popular brands-Master Kong and President.
Her recipe for seafood and rice noodle soup here makes a whole meal in itself, packed with prawns, scallops and cod.
Cathay Pacific Airways announced on Tuesday that it is now offering Signature Noodle Soups in First and Business Class on medium and long-haul routes until 31 January 2010.
Jumeirah GroupCOs dedicated restaurant division, The Taste Department has signed a license agreement with Zahdan Retail Private Limited that will see 12 noodle house restaurants open up across Pakistan over the next five years.