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a load of nonsense

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a load of nonsense.
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a load of rubbish

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a load of rubbish.
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make (a) nonsense of (something)

To treat something serious or important in a silly or ridiculous manner; to make a mockery of something. The candidate has been making a nonsense of the whole political process, but for some reason many voters feel that that is just what's needed. I don't appreciate you making nonsense of this class with your rude remarks and obnoxious behavior.
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no nonsense

adjective Totally serious; with no tricks or deceit. Hyphenated before a noun. The new manager is very no nonsense in how he deals with customer complaints. We're going to start adopting a no-nonsense approach to the problem.
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stuff and nonsense

Foolishness; absurd behavior or talk. We have a meeting each week meant to motivate staff, but it's just stuff and nonsense from management. A: "I'll just hire some movers." B: "Stuff and nonsense! I'd be happy to help you move."
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make nonsense of something

to make something appear to be silly or nonsensical. You are just making nonsense of everything I have tried to do. Your statement makes nonsense of everything you have said before.
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no nonsense

without any tricks, deceit, or wasting of time. (Hyphenated before nominals.) Let's have no nonsense while we are rehearsing the presentation! Elton is a no-nonsense kind of guy.
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stuff and nonsense

foolishness; foolish talk. Come on! Don't give me all that stuff and nonsense! I don't understand this book. It's all stuff and nonsense as far as I am concerned.
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stuff and nonsense

Utter foolishness or absurdity, as in Stuff and nonsense, of course I can pack a suitcase. Often used as an interjection, this idiom employs stuff in the sense of "rubbish." It was first recorded in 1749.
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make nonsense (or a nonsense) of

reduce the value of something to a ridiculous degree.
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a load of (old) ˈrubbish, ˈnonsense, etc.

(informal) nonsense; worthless: Don’t bother to watch that film. It’s a load of old rubbish.
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make (a) ˈnonsense of something

reduce the value of something by a lot; make something seem ridiculous: If people can bribe police officers, it makes a complete nonsense of the legal system.
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stuff and ˈnonsense

(spoken, old-fashioned) used to say that you think something is not true or stupid: A hotel for the night? Stuff and nonsense! You’re staying here with us.
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"You don't mean anything except nonsense, Mary?" said Fred, coloring slightly nevertheless.
"You can't go to the landlady, that's perfect nonsense!" he cried.
Yet heavier far than your Petrarchan stuff- Owl-downy nonsense that the faintest puff Twirls into trunk-paper the while you con it." And, veritably, Sol is right enough.
"It is all nonsense, you know, about shooting being a cruel sport.
"I never heard it before, but it's rotten nonsense."
"What is all this nonsense, you devil?" I demanded, fiercely enough, though weak and trembling in every limb.
"It was here we sat, and you talked nonsense, and Rachel made little heaps of stones.