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a load of rubbish

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a load of rubbish.
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a load of nonsense

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a load of nonsense.
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no nonsense

adjective Totally serious; with no tricks or deceit. Hyphenated before a noun. The new manager is very no nonsense in how he deals with customer complaints. We're going to start adopting a no-nonsense approach to the problem.
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stuff and nonsense

Foolishness; absurd behavior or talk. We have a meeting each week meant to motivate staff, but it's just stuff and nonsense from management. A: "I'll just hire some movers." B: "Stuff and nonsense! I'd be happy to help you move."
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make (a) nonsense of (something)

To treat something serious or important in a silly or ridiculous manner; to make a mockery of something. The candidate has been making a nonsense of the whole political process, but for some reason many voters feel that that is just what's needed. I don't appreciate you making nonsense of this class with your rude remarks and obnoxious behavior.
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make nonsense of something

to make something appear to be silly or nonsensical. You are just making nonsense of everything I have tried to do. Your statement makes nonsense of everything you have said before.
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no nonsense

without any tricks, deceit, or wasting of time. (Hyphenated before nominals.) Let's have no nonsense while we are rehearsing the presentation! Elton is a no-nonsense kind of guy.
See also: no, nonsense

stuff and nonsense

foolishness; foolish talk. Come on! Don't give me all that stuff and nonsense! I don't understand this book. It's all stuff and nonsense as far as I am concerned.
See also: and, nonsense, stuff

stuff and nonsense

Utter foolishness or absurdity, as in Stuff and nonsense, of course I can pack a suitcase. Often used as an interjection, this idiom employs stuff in the sense of "rubbish." It was first recorded in 1749.
See also: and, nonsense, stuff

make nonsense (or a nonsense) of

reduce the value of something to a ridiculous degree.
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a load of (old) ˈrubbish, ˈnonsense, etc.

(informal) nonsense; worthless: Don’t bother to watch that film. It’s a load of old rubbish.
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make (a) ˈnonsense of something

reduce the value of something by a lot; make something seem ridiculous: If people can bribe police officers, it makes a complete nonsense of the legal system.
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stuff and ˈnonsense

(spoken, old-fashioned) used to say that you think something is not true or stupid: A hotel for the night? Stuff and nonsense! You’re staying here with us.
See also: and, nonsense, stuff
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Translarna, trade name of ataluren, is licensed in the European Economic Area for the treatment of nonsense mutation Duchenne muscular dystrophy in ambulatory patients aged five years and older.
These data provide new insight on ataluren's effect on protein production and validates that it targets the source of nonsense mutation genetic disorders," said Allan Jacobson, Ph.
Jonnecia Alford is a sixth-grade math teacher who uses the No Nonsense Nurturing approach in her classroom.
Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense is especially enjoyable in its light approach and constant questioning of common beliefs.
This is perhaps most noticeable in the context of nonrepresentational art such as Jackson Pollock's drip paintings and Lewis Carroll's nonsense verse.
However, given that the current paper focuses on the literature of nonsense and its intuitions, it is also necessary to look at intuition from a philosophical perspective.
Too often they belong in the realm of the absurd, despite attempts to prove otherwise, and can even be classed as nonsense.
During his early twenties Lear lived at Knowsley Hall, Lord Stanley's house, and there he shared his early nonsense work with Stanley's children and, perhaps, their delighted responses inspired more absurdities.
There has been a kind of media furore over this which is a bit of a nonsense.
People speculating from various different clubs or previous managers, that's complete nonsense.
I shall therefore proceed to examine the ways in which Carnap employs the Husserlian theory of meaning, and in particular Husserl's account of nonsense, against Heidegger's metaphysical expressions.
No Nonsense is just that - 100% natural chicken fillets with no additives.
She said: "I know how that can be perceived, but it's arrant nonsense and tiresome because women do exactly the same as male colleagues.
He illustrates Lear's remarkably eccentric life through an enchanting delivery of his delightful nonsense verse.
As opposed to the more traditional substantial reading, by which some kinds of nonsense can point beyond the limits of language to show otherwise ineffable truths, the resolute reading 'takes nonsense seriously as a term of criticism: nonsense is not a special or hidden kind of sense, and there is no content to what nonsense is trying to say, if it could only succeed in breaking the "linguistic rules" it allegedly violates.