none of your business!

none of (one's) business

Something that is of no concern to another. It's really none of his business what I do with the money I earn.
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(It's) none of your business!

It is nothing that you need to know. It is none of your concern. (Not very polite.) Alice: How much does a little diamond like that cost? Mary: None of your business! John: Do you want to go out with me Friday night? Mary: Sorry, I don't think so. John: Well, what are you doing then? Mary: None of your business!
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Grandmother Schafer, visiting on this auspicious occasion and rocking in a rocking chair, asked, "Well, David, what does a physiologist do, anyway?" When he answered, "Grandma, a physiologist studies the parts of the body and tries to find out how they work," the rocking stopped and this good Christian lady drew herself up, looked him straight in the eye, and said, "Why, David, that's none of your business!"
If someone wanted to study our thoughts, many of us would respond, "Why, that's none of your business!"