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nominate (one) as (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some role or position. The board of directors said they want to nominate me as the company's representative during the tribunal. This is the first time he has been nominated as a candidate in a election.
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nominate (one) for (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some award, prize, honor, title, etc. Often used in passive constructions. She's been nominated for Best Actress four times, but she still has yet to actually win the award. I just found out I've been nominated for salesperson of the year!
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nominate (one) to (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate to join a particular group. Tom wants to nominate Sally to the board of directors.
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nominate someone as something

to suggest someone to be the candidate to serve as something. I would like to nominate Karen as our representative. She nominated herself as the one most likely to do the job.
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nominate someone for something

to suggest someone as a candidate for a particular office. I will nominate Carolyn for president. You cannot nominate yourself for this office.
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nominate someone to something

to suggest someone to become a member of a group. I am the one who nominated her to the board. The president nominated herself to the position of chairman of the board.
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Rensje TEERINK has been nominated as Head of the EU Delegation to Bangladesh.
I'd like to thank all those who nominated in this year's awards, you've put forward some fantastic people.
She is nominated for her five decades of leadership, advocacy and innovation in the peri-operative setting.
AT&T, Dallas, nominated by the Coast Guard Reserve.
A medical practice can be nominated as treating doctor .
The nominating committee also nominated Radha Bachman, chair; Ryan Zika, vice chair; and Joann Guerrero, secretary; of the new Young Lawyers Group.
Lincoln is nominated in the following categories: Best Film, Adapted Screenplay, Original Music, Cinematography, Production Design, Costume Design and Make Up & Hair.
Debbie Ingham, a sister in Calderdale paediatric outreach team, was nominated for her compassion by a new mum.
Front-runner Helen Mirren received an expected best actress nomination for ``The Queen'' and will compete against Streep, first-time nominee Penelope Cruz (``Volver''), five-time nominee Kate Winslet for ``Little Children'' and former winner Judi Dench, nominated for ``Notes on a Scandal.
A host of other Welsh festivals have been nominated for the awards which take place on October 19.
Eastburg has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half).
When our February poll asked Democrats whether they thought if nominated, Hillary Clinton would have as good a chance as any other Democratic nominee of winning the general election, or if they worried that she could not win a general election, 47 percent said her chances were as good as any Democrat, but 46 percent worried that she could not win a general election.
He was nominated by Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.
17), and that the 1860 Republican National Convention, which nominated Abraham Lincoln on the third ballot, occurred in a 180-foot-long and 100-foot-wide specially constructed hall known as the "Wigwam" (p.