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nominate (one) as (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some role or position. The board of directors said they want to nominate me as the company's representative during the tribunal. This is the first time he has been nominated as a candidate in a election.
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nominate (one) for (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some award, prize, honor, title, etc. Often used in passive constructions. She's been nominated for Best Actress four times, but she still has yet to actually win the award. I just found out I've been nominated for salesperson of the year!
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nominate (one) to (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate to join a particular group. Tom wants to nominate Sally to the board of directors.
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nominate someone as something

to suggest someone to be the candidate to serve as something. I would like to nominate Karen as our representative. She nominated herself as the one most likely to do the job.
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nominate someone for something

to suggest someone as a candidate for a particular office. I will nominate Carolyn for president. You cannot nominate yourself for this office.
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nominate someone to something

to suggest someone to become a member of a group. I am the one who nominated her to the board. The president nominated herself to the position of chairman of the board.
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This means that if you nominate the medical centre you are nominating all the doctors at the centre to sign your WorkCover medical certificates.
MP Awad justified delay of nominating security ministers by "Maliki's rejection to nominate figures from parties other than Dawa party.
The candidates for presidential post, political parties nominate representatives who represent the respective candidates, political parties in issues related to elections, including financial aspects.
GIRLS who have their own 'dreamboys' can nominate them for the chance to take part in a male striptease show for charity.
Nominations are closed for the top 100 but you can still nominate trees for inclusion on the website.
Given the volatile, unpredictable nature of presidential politics, only a fool at this early stage would feel certain they know who the nominee in either party will be, but it's a good bet that Republicans will not nominate a presidential candidate in 2008 who is pro-choice on the abortion issue and in favor of many gay rights and gun control measures.