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nominate (one) as (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some role or position. The board of directors said they want to nominate me as the company's representative during the tribunal. This is the first time he has been nominated as a candidate in a election.
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nominate (one) for (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate for some award, prize, honor, title, etc. Often used in passive constructions. She's been nominated for Best Actress four times, but she still has yet to actually win the award. I just found out I've been nominated for salesperson of the year!
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nominate (one) to (something)

To recommend, suggest, or put forward one as a candidate to join a particular group. Tom wants to nominate Sally to the board of directors.
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nominate someone as something

to suggest someone to be the candidate to serve as something. I would like to nominate Karen as our representative. She nominated herself as the one most likely to do the job.
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nominate someone for something

to suggest someone as a candidate for a particular office. I will nominate Carolyn for president. You cannot nominate yourself for this office.
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nominate someone to something

to suggest someone to become a member of a group. I am the one who nominated her to the board. The president nominated herself to the position of chairman of the board.
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The key questions in 2008 are: Will Democrats nominate a credible, acceptable, non-threatening agent of change?
The chances are that if we do not nominate them then no one else will.
MP Awad justified delay of nominating security ministers by "Maliki's rejection to nominate figures from parties other than Dawa party." /End/
Reflecting a less cordial political climate, the pro-Syria parliamentary bloc of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, which nominated Hariri for prime minister in June, did not nominate anyone for the post on Tuesday.
A one-off fee of EUR500 by October15 is required to nominate a foal to the Breeders' Cup programme for the entirety of its career.
A Nominating Committee shall be elected at the annual session in odd-numbered years to nominate Division officers, and National officers to the Board of Directors.
We asked you to nominate people over 60 who you thought deserved some extra cheer.
According to the Bylaws, the NC is to nominate people for the following positions: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and eight Directors, all to serve on the LWVUS Board; and four non-Board members of the NC, including a chair or co-chairs.
Every year, reserve battalion commanders are asked to nominate their best instructors based upon their performance throughout the academic year.
Most important, it calls for the appointment of a Committee on Director Affairs to nominate new directors, assign committee memberships, and annually assess board performance.
Deadline Next Week: Nominate Your Agency as a Best Agency Today!
Yesterday, Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki were all forced to nominate each other in front of the other housemates.
The PML(N) has nominated Sehrish Khan, Nasra Khan and Naseema Wani for three women seats while Jamat-e-Islami (JI) will nominate its candidate for the fourth seat as per the agreement reached between the two parties before the elections.
Jenishbek Nazaraliev nominated 19 representatives, businessman Akbaraly Aktikeev nominated 12 representatives, Russian language teacher Murat Borombaev nominated 13 representatives, Joomart movement leader Nurlan Motuev nominated 20 representatives.The candidates for presidential post, political parties nominate representatives who represent the respective candidates, political parties in issues related to elections, including financial aspects.