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1. verb To eat something, often excitedly. ("Nom" is generally deemed imitative of the sound of eager eating.) Do you have anything I can nom on? I'm starving! I can't wait to finally sit down and nom on this pizza—it looks so good!
2. nom An expression of one's excitement for something they are eating or are about to eat. In this usage, "nom" is often repeated more than once. I can't wait to finally sit down and have some of this pizza—nom nom nom.

nom de guerre

A pseudonym used by someone involved in a war or a military group. From French, literally "name of war." The state has said that they'll execute members of our rebel faction if they find us. That's why I've changed my appearance and started using a nom de guerre.
See also: DE, nom

nom de plume

A pseudonym used by a writer. From French, literally "name of pen." I needed to write honestly about my childhood, but I also didn't want to hurt any of the people I was writing about. That's why I published under a nom de plume.
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Toute leur substance invoquee se resume davantage a la force evocatrice de leurs noms qu'a leur pouvoir vocatif.
This year's favorite is Donald Glover, star and creator of FX breakout "Atlanta," who lands his first nom as his career heats up.
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De Lima said the only exception to the prohibited use of aliases is if it is for literary purposes and if the person has admitted that the alias is his nom de guerre.
Even more than in the setting of splenic injuries, physiological stability is the major predictor of successful NOM of hepatic trauma.
NOM Tequila Grill is “green certified” with the City of Ventura.
No-one ever says "nom nom nom" or "yummy" because their friends would probably take a swing at them, but when they are safely out of arm's reach they get tempted to post it online.
Illustrated with full-color photography throughout, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans is a cookbook of recipes suited for the Paleo diet and lifestyle--emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables and modest portions of healthy meat, naturally gluten-free foods that have sustained humans since the prehistoric era of the hunter-gatherer.
That's when the judge refused NOM's request to intervene after Rosenblum took the unusual but defensible step of deciding the state would not defend Oregon's voter-approved ban because, in her words, it could "not withstand a federal constitutional challenge under any standard of review."
Tunisiana, voila un nom de marque qui dit beaucoup, a nous autres dirigeants de SIGMA et a l'histoire recente du marketing en Tunisie.
Mumbai's popular Pan Asian eatery Nom Nom comes to Delhi at the Ashok Hotel.
Nevertheless, the formation of chlorinated byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) is related to reactions between chlorine and natural organic matter (NOM) [4,5].