noise about

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noise something about

 and noise something abroad; noise something around
to spread around a secret; to gossip something around. Now don't noise it about, but I am going to Houston next week to see my girl. Please don't noise this abroad. Stop noising that gossip around.
See also: noise
References in classic literature ?
Athos, with his arm passed through that of the son he was about to lose, absorbed in melancholy meditation, was deaf to every noise around him.
An Old Firm manager's seat is no place for someone who lets the noise around the job get to him.
The headphones can pick up on noise around you and play it through the speakers so you'll be able to listen in without other people knowing.
We'd had hammer blows with the two injuries to outstanding players then the manner of the goal we conceded and the defeat, so we had to do a lot of work making sure all of the noise around us didn't affect us.
They are hoping that by bluntly telling City their final bid is the end of the matter it will quieten the noise around the situation.
While achieving an acceptable sonic boom level is viewed as the key barrier to future supersonic overland flight, noise around airports during takeoff and landing of high speed aircraft would also be a challenge.
When the rail seats get put in I want to see a loud, vibrant, colourful, energetic group of fans being the catalyst of the noise around the stadium.
The initial noise around the 2025 strategy and whether its aims are achievable or not seems to have quietened down as people get over the initial scaremongering and start working out exactly how they can work towards (if not achieve) the aims set out in the report.
Not bothering anyone but choosing his own coping strategy to manage the lights and noise around him rather than running away I thought showed great maturity.
The entire first period was ridiculous in terms of the noise around our rink.
Catherine Duffy prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court after being disturbed by a noise around 3.
Cardell and Frances Banks were fast asleep when they heard a loud banging noise around 2:30 a.
There is more noise around gold than benefit for the national economy.
Single box surround sounds aren't new; these devices have multiple speakers inside which throw noise around in different directions to mimic their multi-box rivals, and this set-up is about the best in its cate gory.