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use (one's) noggin

To use one's own intelligence and intellectual ability; to think logically and rationally. ("Noggin" here is slang for head or brain. Often said as an imperative.) Come on, Dean, I know you can figure this out on your own. Use your noggin for a change! I can't believe you were arrested for selling marijuana. What were you thinking? Why don't you use your noggin once in a while?
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use one's head

 and use one's noggin; use one's noodle
Fig. to use one's own intelligence. (The words noggin and noodle are slang terms for "head.") You can do better in math if you'll just use your head. Jane uses her noggin and gets things done correctly and on time. Yes, she sure knows how to use her noodle.
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Use your head!

and Use your noggin! and Use your noodle!
exclam. Think!; Think it through! You know the answer. Use your head! Use your noggin’, dogg!
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Use your noggin!

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Beginning March 27, Noggin will be programming the 6:30-7 a.
Nickelodeon has always believed in the importance of providing kids with smart, educational programming; it's why we partnered with the Children's Television Workshop to create Noggin," said Executive Vice President and General Manager Cyma Zarghami.
We couldn't be more excited to program this important half-hour in kids' days," added Noggin General Manager Tom Ascheim.
Here's a guy whom history will remember for three things: Leading the Warren Commission's white-wash of a presidential assassination investigation; pardoning his former boss, ``Tricky Dick'' Nixon, the biggest crook (to date) in the history of American politics; and hitting tee shots into the noggins of unwitting spectators.
Its plastic statues with oversize noggins poised on springs retail for around $10, but collectors have been known to fork over $350 for especially rare ones.
In a glitzy, art-deco-ish, black-and-gold-themed facility sporting about every possible type of marble imaginable, the smart noggins who conceived this step-up-a-notch-or-two restaurant from their hugely profitable Factories serve just as big or bigger portions of tasty food at pretty reasonable prices.
If we could just get some Yuletide sentiment through these egg-shelled noggins, we'd feel better about the rest of our holiday season.
Well, for one thing, in a Marx Brothers movie, chances were pretty good that 20 minutes after a particular joke, they'd be coming up with a completely different joke, whereas chances were iffy that after 20 minutes, the Stooges would be doing much different than poking eyes and smacking noggins.
Bugs, Daffy, Taz and company will split sides - and each other's cartoon noggins - in the ``Bugs Bunny Film Festival'' coming Thursday through Sunday to Glendale's Alex Theatre.