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a no-no

Something, typically an action, that is objectionable or prohibited. If you're trying to become friends with this woman, criticizing her style of parenting is a no-no. Talking in the middle of a Broadway play is a real no-no. Hey, I thought you had enough sense to know that bad-mouthing your teammates in the media is a real no-no.

oh noes

slang A humorous variant of "oh no," an exclamation of alarm, dismay, or disbelief. Used primarily in text messages and online communications. A: "I heard we're having a pop quiz tomorrow!" B: "Oh noes! I haven't been keeping up with the readings :-O " Oh noes! I can't believe they killed my favorite character in the series!
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the noes have it

The majority has voted against something. Though many felt sure the funding bill would be passed, last-minute defection by several key senators has meant that the noes have it.
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the noes have it

the negative votes are in the majority. Compare with the ayes have it (at aye).
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a ˈno-no

(informal) a thing or a way of behaving that is not acceptable in a particular situation: Women wearing trousers used to be a bit of a no-no, but now it’s completely normal.
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