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Also in hip-hop/rap, West got nodded for favorite male artist, his ``The College Dropout'' has a chance for best album, and he was mentioned for the cross-genre trophy for best newcomer.
She nodded toward the snoring, and I quickly acknowledged.
A LORRY driver told to give up his job because he kept falling asleep at the wheel nodded off again and caused a two-death smash, a court heard yesterday.
Couldridge, 44, said he had nodded off 15 times and caused several minor accidents, Maidstone Crown Court, Kent, heard.
Perovich, a propmaster at Paramount Studios, says he has no interest in selling any of them, although he might make a trade if the right Wobbler looked his way and nodded.
A publican nodded in agreement when cops suggested he had started the fatal fire which killed his wife and a toddler, a murder trial heard yesterday.
Det sgt Robert McNulty told the Central Criminal Court that Francis McCann broke down and then nodded in agreement when it was put to him during questioning that he started the fire.
The SWAT officer, standing behind a table bristling with firearms, flak jackets, helmets and a gas mask, nodded thoughtfully as the Van Nuys youngster told his story.
The officer nodded, and the man picked up the weapon with both hands and asked, ``It's not loaded or anything, is it?
Downey, who shed tears during a halting statement to the court, nodded and smiled to his supporters as he was led away.
Downey nodded in agreement when the judge said it might have been better for the actor if he'd been hauled into court earlier in his life.
Once in awhile, the man would look over; he nodded at us once - it was the kind of nod that said he was who we thought he was, nothing more, nothing less.