nod at

nod at (someone)

To lower one's head in someone's direction in a quick, subtle manner to communicate something to them, such as agreement, confirmation, respect, or salutation. There's a man in the neighborhood who nods at me every morning as I pass him, even though we've never actually spoken to one another. I nodded at her when the system was ready to be rebooted. The child nodded at her father when he asked if she would like some yogurt.
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nod at someone

to make a motion to someone with one's head indicating a greeting, agreement, or something else. I nodded at Fred, but I really didn't agree. Molly nodded at Fred, and Fred, knowing she wanted to leave the party, went for their coats. When she offered him some ice cream, he only nodded. She thought he was rude and decided not to give him any.
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