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the noble art (of self-defense)

The sport of boxing. Any two yahoos can get into a fistfight, but it takes real skill, dedication, and training to learn the noble art of self-defense. He spent most of his career training in the noble art before joining the world of mixed martial arts last year.
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the noble art

boxing. chiefly archaic
A fuller version of this phrase is the noble art (or science ) of self-defence .
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If we look at the history of the world, we find that the noblest heroes are those who have tried to do well to their country/nation and who have died for it when the need has arisen.
He congratulated the law students for choosing one of the noblest professions and advised them to be hardworking, honest and just in their lives.
Now, only the bravest and noblest of heroes can stop her.
Addressing the students of Islamabad Model School for Girls at Aiwan-e-Sadr, the first lady said the main reason behind prostrating before Allah was to offer thanks to Him for his blessings of making us as the noblest creature besides consecrating us with Islam.
In his messages on Youm-e-Ashura to the nation, the Speaker said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions (RA) were the noblest models in preaching and practicing the Quranic philosophy of patience, sacrifice and martyrdom, a press release said here.
Perhaps director Angus Jackson aims to underline how different they are from the ageing Caesar, but Brutus, played by Alex Waldmann, seems too awkward to be classed "the noblest Roman of them all".
Perhaps Jackson aims to emphasise the contrasts to Caesar, but Brutus (Alex Waldmann) seems too gauche to be "the noblest Roman of them all", accentuated by the superb Hannah Morrish as his wife Portia.
Politics is one of the noblest missions a human could undertake.
It is the vessel of our noblest aspirations for our people, for a better society where opportunities for advancement are abundant and not for the privileged few but accessible to every Filipino,' he added.
Lakes Erie, Ontario, Huron, Superior, and Michigan] possess an ocean-like expansiveness, with many of the ocean's noblest traits.
All who answer the call to service are doing the noblest thing they can do with their lives: to provide the security for others so they can dream their dreams, raise their children, and live full lives.
The Prime Minister paid rich tributes to the martyred security officials who embraced Shahdat while performing the noblest cause of protecting their countrymen.
1916: A meeting of the women's League of Honour Huddersfield heard that "this time of war offered women the opportunity to show themselves at their noblest.
Among his topics are the new man in Rome, mastermind of victory at Actium, statesman of the Roman world, the noblest man of his day, and assessment.
Never have so many of the noblest human values been used to cover the basest of human intentions.