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hobnob with (someone)

To interact with someone, typically someone who has more power, fame, or success than oneself. I can't hobnob with those ladies—they're executives at the biggest company in town!
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necker's knob

dated A rounded knob mounted to the steering wheel of an automobile so that it may be steered with one hand. So called because the driver (typically male) is able to place his arm around his girlfriend or wife. My grandfather gave me his old Cadillac, which still had the necker's knob on the wheel from when he first started courting my grandmother.
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Nob Hill is a subdivision featuring eco-friendly homes with modern design.
Our threenight stay on Nob Hill cost 36& more with cleaning and service fees and taxes.
NOB The way I see it Silviniaco Conti is the one they all have to beat, even though he has twice failed to win the Gold Cup.
Not only is the health and beauty aisle shorter at Nob Hill than at Safeway, the store offered less variety in terms of HBC products, although it, too, had energy products and vitamins.
Regardless, everybody eats at the Hob Nob, and I mean everyone.
This is not to say this was the case with Nob Hill.
In Nob Hill, relaxation and convenience are our priorities.
NOB There's no doubt Leopardstown and Punchestown suit him better than Cheltenham, but he is a dual Champion Hurdle winner and when things go his way at Cheltenham he has shown he can handle the track well.
But Nob Nation fans believe the more controversial the better.
NOB Nation creator Oliver Callan is to go head-to-head with his former protege Mario Rosenstock in the album charts.
Cameron looked more nerd than nob in his black socks and trainers.
CB Richard Ellis announced it has completed the sale of The Park Lane apartments on Nob Hill for $38,000,000--an unprecedented price of nearly $1.2 million per unit.
The chain comprises four banners: Raley's, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source.
LOVE `em or loathe `em, there's nob etter way to get into the festive feel than a trip to the flicks for a feel good movie.
WHEN the winter chill sets in, there's nob etter way to keep it at bay than by snuggling up in bed with a comforting hot water bottle.