no problem with that

(there is) no problem with that

That is not an issue or problem for me; there is no disagreement with that. A: "We insist on interest being paid on the initial amount, given the considerable delay." B: "There is no problem with that." A: "Can I borrow the car? I promise I'll have it back before 9 o'clock, and I'll make sure the tank is full." B: "Sure, no problem with that." Let's see, you're going to give me a raise and more vacation time? Yeah, no problem with that!
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(I have) no problem with that.

That is okay with me. (See also No problem.) Bob: Is it okay if I sign us up to play mixed doubles? Sally: I have no problem with that. Bill: It looks as though we will have to come back later. They're not open yet. Is that all right? Jane: No problem with that. When do they open?
See also: no, problem, that
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