no need

(there's) no need (to)

One is not or is no longer obliged or required (to do something). A: "I still have to write a card for her birthday!" B: "No need to—I already wrote one this morning." There's no need to drive me all the way to the airport, you know. I'm perfectly fine getting a bus. A: "I'll walk you to your door." B: "Thank you, but there's really no need. I can manage just fine on my own.
See also: need, no

(There is) no need (to).

You do not have to.; It is not necessary. Mary: Shall I try to save all this wrapping paper? Sue: No need. It's all torn. Bob: Would you like me to have it repaired? I'm so sorry I broke it. Bill: There is no need to. I can just glue it, thanks.
See also: need, no
References in classic literature ?
Vincy was more inclined to general good-fellowship than to taking sides, but there was no need for him to be hasty in making any new man acquaintance.
Organisers said due to an overwhelming number of entries, and to meet health and safety regulations, there will be no need for a registration point at Mountain Ash Day Centre.
The task force concluded there was no need for a new standard to address tax shelter issues because SSTS Statement no.