no need

(there's) no need (to)

One is not or is no longer obliged or required (to do something). A: "I still have to write a card for her birthday!" B: "No need to—I already wrote one this morning." There's no need to drive me all the way to the airport, you know. I'm perfectly fine getting a bus. A: "I'll walk you to your door." B: "Thank you, but there's really no need. I can manage just fine on my own.
See also: need, no

(There is) no need (to).

You do not have to.; It is not necessary. Mary: Shall I try to save all this wrapping paper? Sue: No need. It's all torn. Bob: Would you like me to have it repaired? I'm so sorry I broke it. Bill: There is no need to. I can just glue it, thanks.
See also: need, no
References in classic literature ?
Hence the virtuous prince moves, and for ages shows empire the way." But there is no need to seek remote examples.
Vincy was more inclined to general good-fellowship than to taking sides, but there was no need for him to be hasty in making any new man acquaintance.
Note To Tenderers- No Need Not Be Paid Being Bulletin.
Organisers said due to an overwhelming number of entries, and to meet health and safety regulations, there will be no need for a registration point at Mountain Ash Day Centre.
The task force concluded there was no need for a new standard to address tax shelter issues because SSTS Statement no.