no chance

(there is) no chance

There is no chance that something will happen. (No chance is informal.) Tom: Do you think that some little country like that will actually attack England? John: There's no chance. Bill: No chance you can lend me a few bucks, is there? Bill: Nope. No chance.
See also: chance

ˈno chance

(spoken) there is no possibility of that: ‘Will he do it, do you think?’ ‘No chance!’
See also: chance
References in classic literature ?
A fellow has now no chance of promotion unless he jumps into the muzzle of a gun and crawls out of the touch-hole.
Franklin left no chance untried of winning Miss Rachel's good graces.
Accordingly, we carefully observed its bearings and locality from the ship, so that when ashore we should run no chance of missing it.
From that moment he understood that I had taken over the case in London, and that therefore there was no chance for him there.
He tied her up, therefore, that she might have no chance of warning Sir Henry, and he hoped, no doubt, that when the whole countryside put down the baronet's death to the curse of his family, as they certainly would do, he could win his wife back to accept an accomplished fact and to keep silent upon what she knew.
On and on I swam, my heart growing lighter at every stroke, for I knew that I was approaching closer and closer to the point where there would be no chance that the waters ahead could be deeper than they were about me.
He gave me no chance to reason with him, the dirty scamp
He had no chance of saying anything till he asked for his bill.