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bliss ninny

One who is in a state of extreme happiness. Oh, I had a great time on my vacation—I was a total bliss ninny relaxing on a tropical island.
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nick ninny

obsolete A foolish or simple-minded person. I don't care if Reginald is in love with her—Edith is an utter nick ninny and, as such, has no place in this celebrated family.
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bliss ninny

(ˈblɪs ˈnɪni)
n. a giddy and disoriented person; a blissed-out person. (see also bliss out.) You silly bliss ninny! Who watches over you, anyway?
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The novelty ninny loves animal-shaped stationery and humourous mugs; they are up for a laugh but may struggle to be taken seriously.
The Justice Department's investigation found that 3M and Avery have dominated adjacent parts of the office products business For ninny years, with Avery making labels and 3M selling sticky notes under its Post-it brand.
LETTING FLY J Roo pokes fun at pals NINNY NANI J Forgetful winger LATE WINNER J Passport arrives SOSJ Danny on phone PANICJ Atcheck-in
When the san came out the day after, ninny residents began pumping out flooded basements and dragging out items that Irene had mined.
Emily and her best friend, Anna Marie Anable, called each other "Blidgims," whereas, Emily was "Crinny Blidgims" and Anna was "Ninny Blidgims" (330).
"And his mother, who is the Queen after all, said, 'No Andrew, if you turn up in a suit people will think you're a ninny (fool).'
And just when does a human interloper become an interfering ninny? If you were to shoot stray cats and dogs on sight and make them into pt there'd be uproar.
Brunnhilde is a teenage ninny, who apparently learns that all is not fine in this garden.
I drafted a lengthy opinion addressing these ninny roadblocks, the judge revised it and filed an opinion dismissing the petition on "technical" procedural grounds.
Compared to these colossal three the T-Rex in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is no more than a scaled ninny.A*Cinerama : King Kong
But even if you sent O'Regan to Devil's Island for 20 years it wouldn't prevent some other ninny repeating the offence.
In Horrocks' perpetually rubber-gloved hands, Jane is a squealing ninny in fluffy slippers, terrified at having to host a Christmas drinks party for Sidney's smart bank manager, Ronald Brewster-Mason (David Horovitch), and his snob of a wife, Marion (Jenny Seagrove), plus local architect Geoffrey (John Gordon Sinclair) and his wife Eva (Lia Williams).
Her older sister (my Aunt Ninny) was also one of the staunchest early advocates of the theory that the Americans never landed on the moon, but that's another story.
"I just don't think people need to see you washing your ninny on the telly..."