nine to five

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nine to five

From 9 AM to 5 PM, considered the standard office hours for most workers. Can be used as an adjective before a noun, in which case the phrase is hyphenated. I got so depressed working nine to five behind a desk that I finally sold all my belongings and moved to India to teach English. When I was in college, all I wanted was a steady nine-to-five job that would pay a decent salary.
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nine to five

typical office hours.
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ˌnine to ˈfive

normal office working hours: After years working nine to five in a boring job, he set off to sail round the world.She’d had a typical nine-to-five job in the civil service before she worked in the theatre.
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mod. typical in terms of working hours; structured and scheduled, starting and ending at set times. (From the expression from nine to five, normal working hours.) I really wanted a nine-to-five job until I finally got one.
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Tallinn Amy Lennox has a big bra to fill playing a role made famous by Dolly Parton in musical Nine To Five – and she admits she needs some help.
The eccentric former child star - formerly James Harries - was on the show last week discussing transgender issues when she began trying to plug her new TV show, Nine to Five.
WORKERS are being offered the chance to put their nine to five jobs on hold and join their favourite charity for a year under a scheme financed by mobile phone g iant Vodafone.
She both starred in and provided title songs for Nine To Five (1980), The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (1982) and Rhinestone (1984).
A parenting guide for those who don't live in the beautiful nuclear family that 1950s America so happily painted for us or even the 90s where both Mom and Dad had nine to five jobs--what if Mom and Dad don't have those sort of jobs?
Don't let Counting Crows-styled opener Keep On Walking fool you - it's followed by tasty tales of young lust (She's So Lovely), hero worship (James Bond), the nine to five drudge (I Need A Holiday) and real-life relationships (It's Not About You).
A country and western fan has been hit with a noise ban after her passion for Dolly Parton classics such as Nine to Five sounded a sour note with her neighbours, a council said yesterday.
More people are working different hours to the traditional nine to five day and the trend is set to continue over the next few years, new research has shown.
DOLLY fans escaped working Nine To Five last night for a massive show with the world's best-loved country and western star.
Why penalise those who work nine to five in the city by increasing their rail fares to offset passenger numbers?
Would you rather it was office hours only, perhaps nine to five with an hour for lunch?
When I was a kid I had to go to school from nine to five and then ask my mum if I could play for an hour until six o'clock - sometimes she would say no.
It's called the Nine to Five Soccer Camp, the numbers symbolic.
In addition, Futterman & Associates will cut the number of floors at the mall from nine to five, forfeiting the rest to commercial office tenants.
All the films addressed the topic of work, from Hollywood features like Colin Higgins's Nine to Five (1980) to the low-budget productions of the activist group Paper Tiger Television.