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The maneuver has left ACN (and its companion company ACN-Europe, which sources fiber there) in place as a major recovered fiber trading operation at the same time that Nine Dragons has emerged as a major producer of packaging grades.
In the early Ptolemaic system of astronomy (see Ptolemy ), there were nine spheres; hence Milton, in his Arcades, speaks of the " celestial syrens ' harmony that sit upon the nine enfolded spheres.
When playing partner Singh subsequently three-putted for a bogey, what appeared to be a possible six-stroke Singh lead going into the back nine stayed at four, and Woods remained within reasonable reach of the lead.
Polites' low prices also maddened executives at Nine West, the footwear giant that says it sells one out of every five pairs of shoes sold to women in the United States.
With that in mind, he and Kite birdied their final nine holes to win pulling away, finishing 12-under-par 60 for the day and 29-under 187 overall for a two-stroke victory at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks.