1. Lacking or without thought, order, or reason; haphazard(ly). You can't just choose a college willy-nilly—you have to do some research. It appears he listed the items willy-nilly, with no regard to how they were loaded.
2. Regardless of whether or not it is desired. I'm afraid you're going to be assigned to a classroom willy-nilly.

do something ˌwilly-ˈnilly

1 do something whether you want to or not: She was forced willy-nilly to accept the company’s proposals.
2 do something in a careless way without planning: Don’t just use your credit card willy-nilly.
This expression is a shortened form of ‘willing or not willing’.
See also: something
References in classic literature ?
The young man stood on the defensive until the old count's ire was completely kindled; he carried his point, and made the greenhorn tipsy, willy nilly.
And after all, articulate men, in the act of thinking, willy nilly use images that correspond to words and that amplify words.
I simply fell asleep, willy nilly, as I sat looking out to sea.
He sought Cassandra, the fairest of Priam's daughters, in marriage, but offered no gifts of wooing, for he promised a great thing, to wit, that he would drive the sons of the Achaeans willy nilly from Troy; old King Priam had given his consent and promised her to him, whereon he fought on the strength of the promises thus made to him.
A second lynx, Nilly, suffocated to death after she became twisted in a catch-pole while keepers were attempting to move her to another enclosure.
She described Nilly as her "beloved pet lynx" who lived in her house for two years and was hand-reared by the family.
Nilly asphyxiated as staff tried to move her ahead of a council inspection.
I don't think he wants to just give out caps willy nilly - just on the strength of seeing what some people can do.
The word "legend" is bandied about willy nilly these days, but in Ray's case it is fully justified.
The King and bank governor call upon the eccentric Doctor Proctor and his friends Nilly and Lisa to help return the gold to the bank stores before an external audit discovers what has happened.
It's very easy to brandish yellow and red cards willy nilly in a Merseyside derby, and it takes an experienced official with restraint to make it an enjoyable game.
Percentages and numbers are thrown around willy nilly and manipulated by both sides.
There were many stars at the wedding like Nadia Al Jundi, Nabila Obeid, Mahmoud Yasin and his wife Shahira, Majida Zaki and her husband Kamal Abu Reyh, Khaled Zaki, Mirvat Amin, and Nilly.
Massachusetts State President Nilly Shilo contributed to this article.
Soon folks may be knocking each other down running around the capital apologizing willy nilly into open microphones.