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a night out

An evening spent having an enjoyable time away from home, as in a restaurant, theater, bar, or other such locations. I never knew how much I would miss being able to have a night out once we had kids. Hey John, some people in the office are planning a night out this Friday. Would you like to join us?
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work nights

To work in the evenings, as opposed to during the day. I used to work nights, but it took such a toll on my sleeping that I switched back to the day shift.
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stag night

A groom's outing with his male friends before his wedding; a bachelor party. Mark knew that his stag night had gotten out of control when the police arrived.
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three-dog night

old-fashioned A bitterly cold night (i.e., so cold that one would need their dogs in bed with them to stay warm). Temperatures fell well below freezing, a true three-dog night.
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night on the town

A night of celebrations or revelry in various places (typically restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.) that a particular town or city has to offer. We were out for a night on the town last night to celebrate Valerie's birthday. That's why we're all so exhausted today. I had a night on the town with my closest friends from school last weekend.
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night on the town

a night of celebrating (at one or more places in a town). Did you enjoy your night on the town? After we got the contract signed, we celebrated with a night on the town.
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a night ˈout

an evening that you spend enjoying yourself away from home: They enjoy a night out occasionally.
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References in classic literature ?
But he no longer lives in the country; nor does he run of nights after the coyotes under the moon.
As he looked about and located it on the brow of the hill behind him, he noted the change that had come over the face of the night.
Hugh, deeming it possible that Barnaby was in the hands of the soldiers, and at that moment under detention at The Boot, was for advancing stealthily, and firing the house; but his companions, who objected to such rash measures unless they had a crowd at their backs, represented that if Barnaby were taken he had assuredly been removed to a stronger prison; they would never have dreamed of keeping him all night in a place so weak and open to attack.
But Hugh and Dennis stood with their backs against it, and kept them back, until the clamour had so far subsided that their voices could be heard, when they called to them together that to go now, in broad day, would be madness; and that if they waited until night and arranged a plan of attack, they might release, not only their own companions, but all the prisoners, and burn down the jail.
I was very tired, too, after the excitements of the day; so I decided that I would not face it, but would pass the night upon the open hill.
Above me shone the stars, for the night was very clear.
Seeing nothing save what I had seen already, I turned back into the house, and stood just within the shelter of the doorway, looking out into the night.
The sudden exclusion of the night and the substitution of black darkness in its place, warned me that the man had closed a shutter.
As in the city in the houses of prostitu- tion and with the rowdy boys running through the streets at night, so in Winesburg among its citizens he had always the power to be a part of and yet distinctly apart from the life about him.
She was now about to pass her second night in the room occupied in the old days of the palace by Baron Rivar.
For the rest of the night he lay on me and across me, and sometimes his feet were at the bottom of the bed and sometimes on the pillow, but he always retained possession of my finger, and occasionally he woke me to say that he was sleeping with me.
Then I'll stick in mine," said I impulsively, "and I'll come with you, and doss down in any corner for the night.
Nothing was to be heard but the night sounds of the frogs that never ceased in the marsh, and the horses snorting in the mist that rose over the meadow before the morning.
Ten truths must thou find during the day; otherwise wilt thou seek truth during the night, and thy soul will have been hungry.
Covent Garden Market at sunrise too, in the spring or summer, when the fragrance of sweet flowers is in the air, over-powering even the unwholesome streams of last night's debauchery, and driving the dusky thrust, whose cage has hung outside a garret window all night long, half mad with joy