pull an all-nighter

To remain awake all night long, especially so as to study or to complete something. I was a bit of a procrastinator in college, so I tended to pull a lot of all-nighters. Jeff pulled an all-nighter on Thursday to get his report finished for work by the deadline today, so I don't think he'll be coming out with us tonight.
See also: pull


1. The act of staying up all night to complete an activity, usually some kind of academic project. I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter if I'm going to get this term paper done in time for school tomorrow.
2. An establishment that remains open all night. Kyle and Amanda stopped at an all-nighter for a snack after the concert.
3. One who stays awake all night. Jess is a total all-nighter, so that third-shift job is perfect for her.


1. n. something that lasts all night, like a party or study session. After an all-nighter studying, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the test.
2. n. a place of business that is open all night. We stopped at an all-nighter for a cup of coffee.
3. n. a person who often stays up all night. I’m no all-nighter. I need my beauty sleep, for sure.
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Many of them seemed uneasy at the obstacles and All Nighter, one of the best backed in the race, nearly went at the first having slowed dramatically into it.
If you can still remember listening to those old Motown records at an all nighter in Blackpool or Bolton then quite frankly, I am amazed that you are still reading this review and not sprinting down to your local book shop trying to get yourself a copy.
220 0260) 8pm, Putney, lYnX all nIGHter Prepare to head to Alexandra Palace for what promises to be the ultimate all-night party.
Kiss presents the Lynx All Nighter, a unique and exciting club night taking place at Alexandra Palace on the eve of Halloween.
Hardwick Hall stages another soul mini all nighter this Saturday as eight DJs serve up two rooms of different takes on the classic genre.
ONE year on, theSaturday nighter at the G-Bar is going from strength to strength, consistently packed out every week.
LIVERPOOL'S Escape on Paradise Street is looking to clean up with its new Saturday nighter - Fairy Liquid.
The Friday Nighters was a meeting place for teenagers from churches across Merthyr Tydfil and grew from a dozen youngsters to 150 members in just three months.
New data from Shugoll Research indicates that one out of three Free Nighters have returned to purchase tickets at those theatres.
IT IS all systems go for another set of all nighters, with Society, G-Bar and Garlands pulling out the stops.
Society is welcoming one and all to its Sunday nighters on Fleet Street.
It is already one of the city's best Friday nighters, so Kookoo fans will be pleased to hear of a new event -the Kookoo team will be taking over the Masqueon the last Saturday of every month for more delicious debauchery, starting on Saturday July 26 - congrats guys