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(Good) night.

1. the appropriate departure phrase for leave-taking after dark. (This assumes that the speakers will not see one another until morning at the earliest. Night alone is familiar.) John: Bye, Alice. Alice: Night. See you tomorrow. Bill: Good night, Mary. Mary: Night, Bill.
2. the appropriate phrase for wishing someone a good night's sleep. Father: Good night, Bill. Bill: Night, Pop. Father: Good night. Mother: Good night.
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But it also may be that in drenching ourselves in artificial light we have forfeited a unique way of belonging to the world, through a fertile field of nighted consciousness that a medieval proverb characterized as the "mother of thoughtes." We may have lost one means of maintaining our mental and spiritual wholeness.
Keats's poetic self-crippling renders intensity from experiences that would otherwise cut people off from feeling, making people oblivious to a finer sensation that might be teased into existence: "The feel of not to feel" fleeting joys in "Drear Nighted December"; the unheard melodies of "spirit ditties of no tone"; and "death intenser--Death is Life's high mead" of "Why did I laugh tonight?" in the holograph version;(54) Keats's observation, recorded by Mrs.