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(Good) night.

1. the appropriate departure phrase for leave-taking after dark. (This assumes that the speakers will not see one another until morning at the earliest. Night alone is familiar.) John: Bye, Alice. Alice: Night. See you tomorrow. Bill: Good night, Mary. Mary: Night, Bill.
2. the appropriate phrase for wishing someone a good night's sleep. Father: Good night, Bill. Bill: Night, Pop. Father: Good night. Mother: Good night.
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Go to bed just 30 minutes earlier each school night, and you'll gain 2 1/2 hours of sleep a week.
Women who consistently slept 9 or more hours per night had less than one-third the risk of developing a breast tumor than women who slept 7 or 8 hours per night.
The night pilots disagreed on the effectiveness of flares.
For example, among the four nursing homes to receive the intervention first, peak noises recorded above 50 decibels dropped from an average of 83 per night before the intervention to 58 per night during the intervention.
Melatonin is a hormone produced within the brain that helps keep us awake during the day and asleep at night.
Mid-nineteenth-century exposes like George Foster's New York by Gas-Light portrayed night as a time of covert depravities among the very poor and the very rich.
Recent statistics indicate that Night Light has made a tremendous impact on crime in Boston.
pounds 849pp Greek Island/ Aegean 16 nights Departs 27 May One night in Venice then 14 nights Greek Islands on board Norwegian Jade then one night in Venice after the cruise.
TV ratings are up and Cup drivers have a fondness for racing under the lights on a Saturday night.
Men who were held to 4 hours a night had markedly reduced 24-hour leptin concentrations compared with when they were fully rested, Van Cauter's research team reported at the 2001 Association of Professional Sleep Societies meeting in Chicago.
Then you have to drink more and more to get the same results, until you reach the point where the alcohol starts disrupting your sleep and increasing the amount of wakefulness during the second half of the night.
l The Westport Woods Hotel, Westpoty Mayo, - 26th July - 3 nights dinner, B&B at pounds 195 pps.
These viewers will give Police Chief Croughwell and his police officers a high-tech advantage in catching criminals at night, when many crimes are committed.
Members of the NMBPD Crime Prevention, Community Patrol, and Detective Units designed the Night Eyes card.
LOUIS -- Solar Night Industries (Pink Sheets: SLND) announced today the hiring of Paul Warren as their Director of Sales for their Southwest region.