might nigh

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might(y) nigh

Rur. very nearly. We mighty nigh lost Mary that time she fell through the ice in the river. That was might nigh the worst night of my life.
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He blew nigh the top of his head off with an old musket that they had for scarin' crows with.
Why, I've sat here off an' on for nigh twenty years past, an' it hasn't done me no harm.
The arm that was extended bent and brought the hand nigh to his face, when his head dropped upon it, and concealed the wonderfully speaking lineaments.
Why, you might have turned the horses yourself, sir; nothing was easier; it was only pulling hard on the nigh rein, and touching the off flank of the leader.
The hopes and fears of those on board of the ship were in tumultuous agitation, as the boat drew nigh that was to let them know the fortunes of the enterprise, and the fate of their predecessors.
As thus he walked down a shady lane he saw a tinker coming, trolling a merry song as he drew nigh.
Much like myself," said Robin, laughing, "and in height and build and age nigh the same; and he hath blue eyes, too.
Now I refrain from raising hand or voice to Porthos because his great heart is nigh to breaking if he so much as suspects that all is not well between him and me, and having struck him once some years ago never can I forget the shudder which passed through him when he saw it was I who had struck, and I shall strike him, ma'am, no more.
Now had the great Proclaimer, with a voice More awful than the sound of trumpet, cried Repentance, and Heaven's kingdom nigh at hand To all baptized.
That have I," he answered, "and close; but I care not to go nigh him in this plight, for his wife hath a gibing tongue, and will spread the tale until I could not show my face in any market from Fordingbridge to Southampton.
After running seven miles or so, Pinocchio was well- nigh exhausted.
Canst thou go nigh unto thy friend, and not go over to him?
The younger children gathered around the spot, in momentary but engrossing curiosity, and even Esther quitted her culinary labours, and drew nigh to listen.
Not drawin nigh to fok, wi' kindness and patience an' cheery ways, that so draws nigh to one another in their monny troubles, and so cherishes one another in their distresses wi' what they need themseln - like, I humbly believe, as no people the genelman ha seen in aw his travels can beat - will never do 't till th' Sun turns t' ice.
They're pretty nigh all one, and they're not far off being even wi' the law,