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A petty, trivial, or minor complaint or issue. We had a few niggles, but overall we really enjoyed our stay in the hotel. I can live with a niggle or two, but if there are any serious complaints then we need to fix them ASAP.

niggle (with one) over (something)

To fuss or argue (with one) over something petty, trivial, or unimportant. Look, I had a wonderful evening with you. Let's not ruin it by niggling over who pays what portion of the bill. We've been niggling with their lawyers about some of the finer points of the contract, but we still expect everything to be ready on time.
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niggle about (someone or something)

To make petty, trivial, or minor complaints about someone or something. The couple at table 22 has been niggling about their meal since the moment they sat down. Tom's always niggling about his boss, but I know he'll never stand up to her.
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niggle about something

to make constant petty complaints about something. Please don't niggle about little things like this. This is just not important. Let's not niggle about it.
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niggle (over something) (with someone)

to have a petty disagreement over some minor thing. Stop niggling over this with me! I don't want to niggle with you over this.
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"We have been doing a lot of action work and trying to put right things which could be potentially leading to injuries and niggles."
Puppet State Theatre Company presents the world premiere of JRR Tolkien's Leaf by Niggle will be at The Studio, 22 Potterrow April 14-16.
"Leaf by Niggle" would not work as a source text for romantic theology, however, if it were not also for the affinities that will emerge between the thought of Williams and Tolkien.
Later, however, in a letter to Peter Hastings in 1954, Tolkien implies that "Leaf by Niggle" is a purgatorial allegory.
"I didn't have the chance in the Championship game, I was a bit astray then I picked up the niggle.
Despite the slight niggles to Ritchie and Atsu, Newcastle's injury record in general has been much improved during Benitez's 18 months in charge.
He felt a bit of a niggle and didn't know whether it was some old injury playing up."
Stuart Broad also received treatment during the session, mainly in the form of manipulation of his back and side, but both are said to be minor niggles at this stage, the report further said.
"Before the game at West Ham I had a fitness-test because in the previous game a couple of days before I had a niggle in my hamstring but played the full 90 minutes," he said.
I underplayed it and said I had a bit of a niggle but after the race in Rome on June 10 I couldn't jog in the cool-down and I felt it was really strange, running 1:58 and then I couldn't jog.
Niggle, a funny little chap, is struggling to complete his painting of a tree.
"There's always a bit of niggle in Test cricket, you expect there to be a battle, but there's something about England and Australia that sparks something a bit more.
TOLKIEN'S ESSAY "ON FAIRY-STORIES," with its presentation of the essential features of the fantasy genre, and his story "Leaf by Niggle," which I intend to show is a re-telling of the story of the late fifteenth century play Everyman, were both first separately published, Tolkien explains in his "Introductory Note" to their re-publication together in Tree and Leaf.
But after an impressive January featuring a number of world-class performances Ennis was hit by a niggle in her right foot.
"Unfortunately I have more than just a niggle. I'm struggling but I'm determined to play.