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A petty, trivial, or minor complaint or issue. We had a few niggles, but overall we really enjoyed our stay in the hotel. I can live with a niggle or two, but if there are any serious complaints then we need to fix them ASAP.

niggle about (someone or something)

To make petty, trivial, or minor complaints about someone or something. The couple at table 22 has been niggling about their meal since the moment they sat down. Tom's always niggling about his boss, but I know he'll never stand up to her.
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niggle (with one) over (something)

To fuss or argue (with one) over something petty, trivial, or unimportant. Look, I had a wonderful evening with you. Let's not ruin it by niggling over who pays what portion of the bill. We've been niggling with their lawyers about some of the finer points of the contract, but we still expect everything to be ready on time.
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niggle about something

to make constant petty complaints about something. Please don't niggle about little things like this. This is just not important. Let's not niggle about it.
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niggle (over something) (with someone)

to have a petty disagreement over some minor thing. Stop niggling over this with me! I don't want to niggle with you over this.
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niggles If someone while they will pull to everybody, but the way he batted when he came back it was a step up in class from where he was before.
As a result, apart from Ritchie and Atsu having picked up minor niggles, only Paul Dummett and Massadio Haidara are currently sidelined through injury.
Leaf by Niggle is considered by some to be Tolkien's most autobiographical work, springing from his fear of not finishing The Lord of the Rings.
Judd, the 18-year-old who has made her breakthrough on the senior stage this summer, has a small niggle in her calf, while Osagie is still recovering from a hamstring problem.
At the beginning of "Leaf by Niggle," Niggle is described as "the sort of painter who can paint leaves better than trees," but there is one picture of a tree that he simply cannot let go of:
For Niggle is meant to be a real mixed-quality person [italics Tolkien's] and not an 'allegory' of any single vice or virtue" (p.
James McClean has shown he knows where the goal is during this campaign and could also deputise up front if required "David picked up a niggle," said O'Neill, who will put his players through their paces at Aviva Stadium this morning in a session open to the public.
Leaf by Niggle is a short story written by Tolkien while he was struggling to complete The Lord Of The Rings.
Of course it's disappointing when you lose the spearhead of your attack but I think it's just a real slight niggle and the management decided it really wasn't worth the risk in the first Test.
The 23-year-old frontman has been building up his fitness at PPG Canalside despite a hamstring niggle and could be given a spell at Boundary Park - providing he suffers no adverse reaction to today's training.
England batsman Ian Bell said that he was sure Cook would be fine, adding that he has had the old niggle with the back, and that everyone has certain areas that they have to keep working on.
Niggle Ultimately, his determination to figure in the semi-fnal at West Ham cost him dear.
I underplayed it and said I had a bit of a niggle but after the race in Rome on June 10 I couldn't jog in the cool-down and I felt it was really strange, running 1:58 and then I couldn't jog.
He said: "It's a niggle that is always at the back of your mind.
You're always bowling through the odd niggle, so you just get used to it.