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I can see them now - the massed ranks of right-wing taxi drivers, members of gentlemen's clubs, spluttering over their afternoon G&Ts, and all those 'angry from Llantwit Major' types demanding the right of the old man to play nick-nack wherever the hell he likes.
In the UAE scrapbooking is on the up says Susan, as she shows me her carefully crafted book of her family's recent trip to Thailand including nick-nacks picked up along the way.
Furniture and nick-nacks have also been donated or loaned following appeals.
A spokesman for Ann Summers, who specialise in the sauciest nick-nacks, said: 'Our best selling lines in Wales, particularly Cardiff, are Babylove, a gorgeous lilac and black lace trimmed collection which comes as a bra, basque and chemise with a choice of thong or brief and suspender belt.
After each stay rooms can be wiped clean, free of decorative detail, patterns and nick-nacks.
In London they might have developed an interest in petty frou-frous and prissy nick-nacks, but when it comes to the drugs, I can quite categorically state they got a taste for them in this city
She raids a Christmas fair for nick-nacks, then makes a selection of decorations and gifts, including yuletide crowns and a neon star.
I am hopeless at describing decor but there is wood, South American nick-nacks (I love the old phone hanging from a wall) and tons of warmth.
Bright, floral patterns and a charming and eclectic array of hand-crafted furnishings, nick-nacks and vintage furniture make up the decor, creating an inviting, cosy feel that somehow manages to capture contemporary style and comforting nostalgia.
A mirror from a US company is made with beaten metal and stands 5ft across the wall near the window, alongside prints from India and nick-nacks from the States.
Items including clothing, bags and nick-nacks were stolen.
They're all after that sense of shared history, created by a mixture of quirky nick-nacks and curious curios.
Anyway, as a tribute to his mother, he's penned a 400-plus-page autobiography charting his life from those distant days flogging off fruit, flowers and fashionable nick-nacks as a kid to make a crust to help feed his 14 siblings.
com HANGING OUT Make a feature of your prized nick-nacks by encasing them in a beautiful glass bauble, www.