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Men, however, are more concerned about making homes look nicer in comparison to women.
Since I've seen her on adverts -no doubt resulting from her stint in I'm a Celebrity -I thought she looked much nicer in the jungle.
In addition to having nicer surroundings to work in, it makes their work easier.
The IGD discovered that some factors could tempt them: Safeway shoppers said they might swap their allegiance because of special promotions and loyalty card rewards; Sainsbury's shoppets might due to curiosity and a nicer store environment; Tesco shoppers might change to get a nicer store environment or a wider product choice; while Asda shoppers had no clear reason to swap and were least likely to move for a nicer store environment.
3 square miles really are getting nicer, and greener.
The recombinant approach is nicer both in practice and in theory," Brandriss told SCIENCE NEWS.
It's going to be a nicer work area," says Meir Krengel, Vice-President of Eastern Union Commercial, and founder of the Long Island division.
Coun Alex Donaldson, who went to the event, said: "Prince Edward Court has always been nice, but it's so important to keep these accommodation types up to date and now it's even nicer.
The 'Baby' hitmaker believes being Canadian is better than being a US citizen because it means foreigners are nicer to you.
It would be a lot nicer without alcohol - Sarah Allison, 25, a full-time mum, from Middlesbrough I think it's a good idea.
Instead of millions vowing to give up chocolate/get on the treadmill more/take up indoor bowls (delete as applicable), we'd probably be a far happier race of beings if one and all just tried to be a bit nicer to each other.
Your mom is probably stressed, too, so try to be nicer to her, which, in turn, will lead to her being nicer to you.
But I've planned my route on the Coventry cycle map so the journeys are so much nicer than they are by car and I have more energy after cycling.
In addition to the IP-PBX, Nicer has provided Oceanic with a state-of-the-art fiber network through its subsidiary Glopex Networks, Inc.
Identikit Nigel Godrich production, nice words, nicer vocal and even nicer melody.