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Women were the 'nice guys' in a world that could not do without niceness in spite of holding it in contempt.
Only a white man would believe that the online literary culture or anything on the Internet suffers from too much niceness.
Mitchell: Niceness creates an environment where people want to come to work, and they become more productive because they're happy, engaged, and motivated within that environment.
In contrast to Goodness, which can be impersonal and idealistic, and Rightness, which is often impersonal and manipulative, Niceness calls for a more personal relationship with other people, accepting them as "fallible fellow creatures" (Martin, Niceness 2).
Bauman also found that the students in some ways understood more than many adults around them seem to recognize: that omissions, exclusions, slurs, and misrepresentations do not exist only outside the walls of their progressive school but may also be part of the integral structure of a culture that equates community with niceness and comfort and that encourages the students to believe that silence about certain issues indicates a lack of bias.
If either faith is diminished, set aside, or even abandoned for the sake of niceness, it is no longer interfaith dialogue but something else.
Women and niceness have a long history full of toil and trouble.
It's hard not to get stuck at this place, and not just because of the niceness of Amy and the employees.
The combination of Eells' popularity as longtime sports director at KATV-TV, Channel 7, and his eternal niceness plus his familiar voice being the one that relayed Arkansas' beloved Razorbacks into our hog-wild ears for nearly three decades resulted in a story that touched nearly everyone throughout the state and region.
And the Los Angeles City Council's attempt to legislate niceness during public meetings is as futile as it is misguided.
Former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch was not surprised at the results, pointing to a rise in New York niceness since the terror attacks on the city five years ago.
10 FOUR TET, EVERYTHING ECSTATIC (DOMINO) Surprisingly intelligent niceness.
Industriousness, tolerance, niceness (compassion), and responsibility are the core virtues of modern liberal democracies, believes Blitz (political philosophy, Claremont McKenna College).
Some accuse Canadians of being puritans for their niceness, but I won't be complaining.
The movie breaks with the unbearable niceness of being Canadian.