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clean up nice(ly)

To appear presentable after grooming oneself. This is a set phrase used to compliment one's appearance. However, because it implies that one was previously dirty or unattractive, it can be received as an insult or backhanded compliment. Did you see Owen in his suit and tie? He sure cleans up nice! All I said was that she cleans up nicely, and she got mad at me!
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do nicely

1. To progress or advance well or satisfactorily. Our fundraiser is doing very nicely—we're already halfway to our goal.
2. To be adequate or sufficient. No, don't edit it again—this version will do nicely.
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dovetail with (something)

1. Literally, to fit together with another piece through the use of a dovetail joint. A: "I think that part of the table is supposed to dovetail with this one." B: "No, it doesn't fit."
2. To go along nicely with something. Well, if my schedule ends up dovetailing with yours, maybe we can meet up for lunch after all.
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do ˈnicely

1 (usually used in progressive tenses) be making good progress: Her business is doing very nicely.
2 be satisfactory: Tomorrow at ten will do nicely (= will be a good time).
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An award-winning, zingy bottle from France, which goes nicely with simple shellfish or salad dishes and has a hint of honey.
Barkley hasn't played all season because of a hamstring injury and Unsworth explained: "Ross is back in the gym and I saw him running the other day so he's coming along nicely.
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"He quickened up nicely and one of the reasons we wanted to go to Lingfield was to see how he would be at that trip and it seemed to work out."
Alf Rai (Nicely Nicely), Roger Stokes (Nathan Detroit) and Will Phipps (Benny Southstreet) also impress.
The test gun is a 7 1/2" full blued version, which is finished quite nicely with excellent fit.
Stars: Price: pounds 3.99 Available: Marks and Spencer Fully-iced Christmas Cake This was very nicely decorated with white icing and a gold edible Christmas tree.
IN APRIL my wife broke her hip and was in the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and was looked after very nicely.
NICELY MACHINERY had been in the industry for more than 25 years and is continuously proving its ability to overcome the strict requests from its customers worldwide for nonwovens and other materials.
This Imperial Stormtrooper had to get used to a rather more mundane form of human transport, although he blended in nicely with the crowds attending the fourth annual British International Comics Show at Thinktank in Birmingham over the weekend.
I've been a professional now for nine months, 10 months and everything's coming along nicely," said DeGale.
However, what the majority didn't realise was that the former Elswick Harrier had recently returned from a second spell of altitude training in Ethiopia which set her up nicely to repel the Blaydon's African challenge and walk away with the pounds 1,000 first prize.
I WOULD like to thank NBB (Muthanna branch) for dealing with me nicely. I wanted my bank statement and they dealt with me in an extremely welcoming manner.
The result was rioting and grumbling and a general distain for authority that Bennett nicely connects to sailors' historic recalcitrance.