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clean up nice(ly)

To appear presentable after grooming oneself. This is a set phrase used to compliment one's appearance. However, because it implies that one was previously dirty or unattractive, it can be received as an insult or backhanded compliment. Did you see Owen in his suit and tie? He sure cleans up nice! All I said was that she cleans up nicely, and she got mad at me!
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do nicely

1. To progress or advance well or satisfactorily. Our fundraiser is doing very nicely—we're already halfway to our goal.
2. To be adequate or sufficient. No, don't edit it again—this version will do nicely.
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do ˈnicely

1 (usually used in progressive tenses) be making good progress: Her business is doing very nicely.
2 be satisfactory: Tomorrow at ten will do nicely (= will be a good time).
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He quickened up nicely and one of the reasons we wanted to go to Lingfield was to see how he would be at that trip and it seemed to work out.
In the form of his life and looks nicely treated back over hurdles.
The test gun is a 7 1/2" full blued version, which is finished quite nicely with excellent fit.
99 Available: Marks and Spencer Fully-iced Christmas Cake This was very nicely decorated with white icing and a gold edible Christmas tree.
Again, she was looked after very nicely and at nearly all of her visits we were out earlier than the appointment times .
NICELY just acquired a contract for three sets of 4800 mm-wide slitter/rewinders for spun-lace fabric.
I think when a person goes to such places he/she is always looking for the people who talk nicely with them and this is the reason why I still have an account with them, because of their behaviour, their good reputation, their services, in fact everything they deal in is superb.
A series of experiments were conducted to measure the "confusion matrices" of these English consonants (Miller and Nicely 1961:154-155).
In a few choice words, Raymond Arroyo nicely sums up the paradoxes of Mother Angelica: "the cloistered, contemplative nun who speaks to the world, the independent rule breaker who is derided as a 'rigid conservative;' the wisecracking comedian who suffers near constant pain; the Poor Clare nun who runs a multi-million dollar corporation".
So nicely in fact, that we have two units in a space most people thought we couldn't get one, Lucatorto says.
Welcome to the world of Harry the Horse and Nicely Nicely Johnson .
He is coming on nicely when you consider how much first-class cricket he has played, let alone Test cricket,' said coach Duncan Fletcher.
He ran well in the Irish Cesarewitch and won it nicely.
An occasional very short sentence brings down your average nicely.