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In no time you'll be a staid, middle-aged matron, and I shall be nice, old maid Aunt Anne, coming to visit you on vacations.
That would be a pity; my nose is quite nice, but I fear turning it up would spoil it," said Anne, patting that shapely organ.
It's a nice old burg, they tell me, and has the finest natural park in the world.
Yes, Davy, and I hope you'll be always very nice and good to her.
Cause I don't think it would be nice to talk to God before strangers, Anne.
Of course, this elevated state of things could not endure long, but it was very nice while it lasted, and left an excellent effect upon the minds of all when the first ardour had subsided.
He was set on it; and the child seemed a nice, teachable little thing.
Don't you think it would be nice to wake up at sunrise and swoop down over the water and away out over that lovely blue all day; and then at night to fly back to one's nest?
We had quite a nice time, although I understood why Dan objected to them when they patted us all on the head and told us whom we resembled and gave us peppermint lozenges.
You don't know what a nice--what a beautiful, nice gift I've got for you.
This nice little lady's come to live with us; aren't you glad?
We've got nothing nice for a lady to eat," said the old woman, in her coaxing tone.
And the donkey'll carry you as nice as can be; you'll see.
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