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A derisive term for an authority figure, especially one who is demanding. Typically used in the phrases "his nibs" or "her nibs." Oh, his nibs wants us to work on Saturday? Why am I not surprised?
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his nibs

a mock title used to refer to a self-important man, especially one who is in authority. informal
1989 Guy Vanderhaege Homesick Whatever his nibs prefers. I see that hasn't changed either. He still expects things to be organized to suit him and only him.
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his ˈnibs

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) used to refer to a man who is, or thinks he is, more important than other people: And how is his nibs this morning?
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Hand-sculpted from solid gold by master artisans that oversee 35 skilled steps, each nib is the result of absolute expertise, perfect workmanship, as well as intuition and an abundance of patience to perform these fundamental steps.
Riverside community councillor Isabella Gorska, speaking at the council's meeting LASTWEDNESDAY, said:"There are quite a number of people impressed that the nibs have been taken out and that it has allowed traffic to flow.
(Last year, the company released Augmented Paper, which digitally transcribes handwritten notes.) "Our working steps combine different technologies with handmaking," says Frank Derlien, the head of the nib department, where custom state-of-the-art machinery balances ages-old manual techniques.
What is beyond doubt is the industry that grew in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter making steel nibs laboriously from flattened ribbon steel wire or tubes of the appropriate width using hand tools and presses.
City steel pen nib manufacturers were unable to keep up with the changes in technology needed to produce ballpoints, and 140 years of steel pen nib manufacture in Birmingham had ended by the early 1960s.
10 March 2015 - US-based NIB specialist Sundance Strategies, Inc.
Birmingham's pen nib manufacturing industry grew up around the Jewellery Quarter in the 19th century and went on to become renowned everywhere - until the arrival of the ball point pen killed it off.
The Senators, concerned that the EPA was not receiving sufficient and fair data regarding its proposed rule, requested NIBS' opinion given its role as a Congressionally-chartered source of information for both the private and public sector on building science and technology.
Classic Bark contains sour cherries with salted almonds and caramelized nibs; Island Bark showcases tropical mango, macadamia nut, and toasted nibs; and Fusion Bark has zesty crystallized ginger, salted pecans, and caramelized nibs.
* Nibs: "The pen's nib must be able to make a line that has personality," he says.
The 899 SM5V kit for advanced calligraphy users includes four calligraphy pens in assorted colors, five sizes of interchangeable nibs, 20 water-based ink cartridges in assorted colors, a metal pump, practice pad, and a detailed instruction book.
Inside, the beans were so brittle they crumbled into tiny chunks--technically nibs. "Taste," ordered John.