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nibble at something

to take tiny bites of some kind of food. The children nibbled at their dinner because they had eaten too much candy. Stop nibbling at that candy.
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nibble away at something

to eat at something in tiny bits; to erode away tiny bits of something. The waves nibbled away at the base of the cliff, year after year. The mice nibbled away at the huge wheel of cheese.
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nibble at

1. To eat something by taking small bites: The mice have been nibbling at the curtains.
2. To eat a small amount of something, especially unenthusiastically: She only nibbled at her peas.
3. To bite something but not break the surface; nip at something: My date nibbled at my ear during the movie.
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nibble on

1. To eat something by taking small, quick bites, often as a snack or a light meal: Dinner wasn't for another two hours, so I nibbled on some potato chips. The rabbit nibbled on a carrot.
2. To bite something but not break the surface: Nervously, I nibbled on my pencil's eraser during the test.
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1. n. a cautious or preliminary response to something. (see also nybble.) My advertisement got three nibbles this morning.
2. in. to reply cautiously or tentatively to something. I hope someone who wants to buy my car nibbles at the description I posted on the Internet.
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Aside from the cake, what shines through at Nibble is the atmosphere, driven entirely by Lauren and her all-girl team.
Then, when an unsuspecting sea otter nibbles on the bivalve, it gets a dose of the parasite.
Now the deer nibble many kinds of twigs and the needles of some evergreen trees.
Divinely D'lish Granolas Now Featured in Wholesome Energy Bars: Haute Diggety Date, Cheeky Cherry Chocolate, Nibble A Sultana, and Funky Figs and Cherries
Made with artisan goat cheese, these cheesecakes have garnered recognition from Gourmet Retailer magazine and The Nibble as a top editor pick.
Garra rufa fish, which are about the size of minnows are known as doctor or nibble fish.
I'VE eaten enough fish in my time, so maybe I should return the compliment and allow the fish to nibble away at yours truly.
Having a nibble isn't dangerous, so long as the skin isn't broken.
Mouse Bruno and kitten pal Robin - like Basil, owned by animal trainer Sue Wood, of Sevenoaks, Kent - are furry partial to a nibble, too.
DASH - Nibble straining with some of his colleagues; SUPER-FIT - Richard March ran the Great North Run dressed as a mouse
Rabbits will often nibble at the bark of these prunings in preference to young trees," said Ministry of Agriculture Horticulture Advisor Mr.
Diners can nibble on Pamela Anderson's favourite nosh - spaghetti with artichokes, ricotta and pine nuts.
Previously, researchers had noticed that few insects nibble coca plants, a surprising observation given that their leaves are perpetually young and tender because of people harvesting them for the drug trade, says Nathanson.
Dennis Slothower says it's a good time to nibble in the stock market, and offers four recommendations to keep you satisfied before taking a bigger bite once strong third quarter earnings are realized.