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nibble at something

to take tiny bites of some kind of food. The children nibbled at their dinner because they had eaten too much candy. Stop nibbling at that candy.
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nibble away at something

to eat at something in tiny bits; to erode away tiny bits of something. The waves nibbled away at the base of the cliff, year after year. The mice nibbled away at the huge wheel of cheese.
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nibble at

1. To eat something by taking small bites: The mice have been nibbling at the curtains.
2. To eat a small amount of something, especially unenthusiastically: She only nibbled at her peas.
3. To bite something but not break the surface; nip at something: My date nibbled at my ear during the movie.
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nibble on

1. To eat something by taking small, quick bites, often as a snack or a light meal: Dinner wasn't for another two hours, so I nibbled on some potato chips. The rabbit nibbled on a carrot.
2. To bite something but not break the surface: Nervously, I nibbled on my pencil's eraser during the test.
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1. n. a cautious or preliminary response to something. (see also nybble.) My advertisement got three nibbles this morning.
2. in. to reply cautiously or tentatively to something. I hope someone who wants to buy my car nibbles at the description I posted on the Internet.
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They're “a divine mix of goat cheese and cream cheese”, according the The Nibble.
Thrilled with the support they received, Camp Nibble have already decided what they will spend their winnings on.
After effects The fish didn't seem to be too interested in the tougher skin on my heels, preferring to swim in and out of my toes and nibble around my nails, getting into the spaces where other pedicures can't reach.
Each story is 20 to 30 minutes long, one per tape side, so it is possible to nibble at the stories like English toffees.
The good and obedient sheep are directed to the shepherd's right hand, and then they nibble their way happily into heaven.
Divinely D'lish Granolas Now Featured in Wholesome Energy Bars: Haute Diggety Date, Cheeky Cherry Chocolate, Nibble A Sultana, and Funky Figs and Cherries
Garra rufa fish, which are about the size of minnows are known as doctor or nibble fish.
Please, cat owners, be aware that the tinniest nibble of a leaf or a speck of lily pollen on their fur, which they then will lick and ingest, can cause their death.
I am concerned to ensure this is not a precedent for more applications that nibble away at this precious green space.
Launched: November 2009 Imagine the excitement in The Grocer office when we heard a limited-edition Kit Kat Bunny was being launched: we had visions of a fancy confectionery sculpture with ears we could munch and a little bunny nose we could nibble on.
Cowboy Trout should be considered "must" reading for anyone who ever threw in a line off the back of their boat, waded hip deep in a stream, or just sat on a river bank and waited for a nibble.
The spiny grazers nibble on the kelp holdfasts, or the strands that anchor the seaweed to the seafloor.
The little helpers known as cleaner fish, which nibble parasites off larger reef fish, actually prefer to nibble their clients.
Most Mother's Day gifts include two things: the requisite bunch of flowers and something sweet to nibble on.