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(as) pissed as a newt

slang Very drunk. Primarily heard in UK. When I got to the pub, you were as pissed as a newt. Do you remember anything that happened last night?
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Someone who is stupid or dumb. What are you, a newt? How did you get that easy question wrong?
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pissed as a newt

If someone is as pissed as a newt, they are very drunk. She swore never to drink again. Hah! Pissed as a newt the first night she came back. Note: Other nouns such as fart or parrot are sometimes used instead of newt. The last time I saw him, in Glasgow, he was as pissed as a parrot.
See also: newt, pissed
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vulgar slang

pissed as a newt (or fart)

very drunk.
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(as) pissed as a ˈnewt

(British English, taboo, slang) very drunk OPPOSITE: (as) sober as a judge
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n. a stupid person; a dull and uninteresting person. Don’t act like such a newt.
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