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Someone who is stupid or dumb. What are you, a newt? How did you get that easy question wrong?

pissed as a newt

If someone is as pissed as a newt, they are very drunk. She swore never to drink again. Hah! Pissed as a newt the first night she came back. Note: Other nouns such as fart or parrot are sometimes used instead of newt. The last time I saw him, in Glasgow, he was as pissed as a parrot.
See also: newt, pissed
vulgar slang

pissed as a newt (or fart)

very drunk.
See also: newt, pissed

(as) pissed as a ˈnewt

(British English, taboo, slang) very drunk OPPOSITE: (as) sober as a judge
See also: newt, pissed


n. a stupid person; a dull and uninteresting person. Don’t act like such a newt.
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Katharine then rushed the newt and salad back to Sainsbury's Holborn store.
Rather than closing the gates and disappointing beer garden customers, John came up with an idea to protect the newts while still welcoming pub-goers.
Despite the overwhelming vote to protect the newt, conservationists were generally irate over the Doha meeting, which they were calling No-ha because very little other than the newt won protection.
So, if you look after the great crested newt and its habitat, you also look after a good deal else in the process.
When the class bully, Mike, taunts Newt by calling him a gimp, a new girl confronts him.
When the newt becomes agitated or perceives a threat, it swings its ribs forward, increasing their angle to the spine by up to 50 degrees.
The newts are living close to a pond near the development and Natural England said they are in danger of being killed.
Leicestershire County Council said the Earl Shilton bypass may open three months late so the newts can be caught and moved to a new home.
The discovery of great-crested newts next to the Nant Glas site in Trefnant, Denbighshire, delayed work on Anwyl Construction's new housing estate by six months.
Boss Peter Furness- Smith said: "Rounding up 25 newts which have gone walkabout and returning them to their natural habitat works out at pounds 1,000 per newt.
A new PBS documentary, ``The Fall of Newt Gingrich,'' takes something of a behind-the-scenes look at the former Speaker of the House's final days of power in Washington.
And then there was Armey's necessary but uncomfortable segue into praising Newt Gingrich, the evening's keynoter.
If Newt scares the pants off progressives, in some ways Livingston is worse.
Bored readers can entertain themselves by wondering how Newt Gingrich must react to the passages about his half-sister's clitoris.