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The idea that newness itself is a socially constructed process, that there are no natural edges in media, reminds us that historical corners like the one [Ithiel de Sola] Pool [(1990, p.
Each year we have the blessing of witnessing the newness of life in what we call spring.
The new logo incorporates a multicolored Windows symbol along with the Microsoft name in straightforward, lighter type, to signal the heritage but also signal the future a newness and freshness, stated Microsoft s general manager of brand strategy, Jeff Hansen.
The research also explores whether the three approaches (interactive team, supplier-supplier connection and modular design) have differing relationships with system quality and product development efficiency, depending upon the degree of technological newness of the interdependent components.
FAITH BEARS WITNESS to abrupt, trans-formative newness that it cannot explain.
Jesus Christ, "Word became flesh and lived among us" (John 1:14), in contradistinction from other notions of newness that pervade in both culture and church alike.
business development manager investigated customer integration strategies and their causes and effects in terms of the degree of newness of the products developed.
At first the newness and excitement carries you through, but eventually the reality of feeling abnormal hits.
One resident moved into the Kalahari in Harlem because of the newness, and not the greenness, of the building, and a couple moved to a LEED-certified building on Roosevelt Island because of the views.
Its spring line is all about the transition from the coziness of Winter to the newness of Spring.
But have you created an atmosphere where newness is expected, in fact, required?
We believe our shoppers will increasingly look to organic food for genuine newness," she said.
Light once more emerges and disturbs the eyes, Around the curtains sun peers in and sighs, The room awakes as dust mites also stir, Dreams dissipating in the brisk morn air Darkness in relief now seeks a fleet escape, As thoughts emerge with early morning late, A newness born with past still slow to drift, Among yawning risers as all bed covers lift, Sun or rain and with it either cold or warmth, Beckoning the riser from night's sweet calm, Alive, the world your oyster ever there to face, Till darkness overpowers light, taking its place.
With a new point-to-point downhill course that goes from Universal Studios and winds up a couple blocks from Skid Row, there's plenty of newness to focus on.
Here is what he says about the ASFB dancers: "They have absolute professionalism while still maintaining a sense of adventure, of newness.