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Further, she was fascinated and excited by all the newness and strangeness of the withered old woman who blew upon her the breath of wider lands and seas beyond the horizon.
His better judgment told him that she, on her part, when freed from the subtle spell woven by the nearness and the newness of a first love would doubtless be glad to forget the words she had spoken in the heat of a divine passion.
We call it by many names,--fever, intemperance, insanity, stupidity and crime; they are all forms of old age; they are rest, conservatism, appropriation, inertia; not newness, not the way onward.
He was sadly in want of something to keep up his spirits a little in the unpleasant newness of his position,--suddenly transported from the easy carpeted
The freshness and the newness seemed to him wonderful.
As he traveled he reviewed, mentally, his armament--the condition of his hunting knife, the number of his arrows, the newness of the gut which strung his bow--he hefted the war spear which had once been the pride of some black warrior of Mbonga's tribe.
And so they passed on through the quadrangle and a small courtyard, upon which looked down a lot of little windows (belonging, as his guide informed him, to some of the School-house studies), into the matron's room, where East introduced Tom to that dignitary; made him give up the key of his trunk, that the matron might unpack his linen, and told the story of the hat and of his own presence of mind: upon the relation whereof the matron laughingly scolded him for the coolest new boy in the house; and East, indignant at the accusation of newness, marched Tom off into the quadrangle, and began showing him the schools, and examining him as to his literary attainments; the result of which was a prophecy that they would be in the same form, and could do their lessons together.
There was no fear (if the linen in the house was examined) of the newness of the nightgown betraying me.
Perhaps its newness, or perhaps the accuracy of his observation of its general look, guided Gaffer to a ready conclusion.
Still, I think, in a little while, when the newness of the bridge has worn away, we shall see my people"s bare brown legs bravely splashing through the ford as before.
The interview findings provided evidence that, although shorter now, the period of segregation and seclusion at circumcision still retains the expectation of change and newness.
Pemex says multiple-service contracts are a step in the right direction, yet uncertainty surrounding the newness of the plan has limited tender results.
Maybe then the newness around can mirror the newness within.
Consequently, a move toward using these materials means that there are a series of challenges that must be addressed, especially in as much as given the newness these steels, there isn't an abundance information that can be readily consulted by engineers to determine the appropriate process parameters for manufacturing with AHSS.
The chapter by Vaillancourt et al "Regulation Based on Solidarity: A Fragile Emergence in Quebec" captures the newness of the idea and its tentative beginnings in the province most amenable to its beliefs.