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They talked to me of the age of the wine and the fame of the vintage; but I thought of an older, a newer, and purer wine, of a more glorious vintage, which they had not got, and could not buy.
How gladly would he have sunk upon his knees; but he must away to the next heart; yet he still heard the pealing tones of the organ, and he himself seemed to have become a newer and a better man; he felt unworthy to tread the neighboring sanctuary which a poor garret, with a sick bed-rid mother, revealed.
It is to end An old, stale, weary work, and to commence A newer and a better.
Tomorrow he hath a new belief, and the day after, one still newer.
When it is delivered, and turns out not to be the novelty anticipated, though they grumble a little, they look forward hopefully to something newer next year.
To live the same quiet Secretary life, carefully avoiding chances of recognition, until they shall have become more accustomed to their altered state, and until the great swarm of swindlers under many names shall have found newer prey.
That of the Peacock differed in no material respect from the generality of such apartments; that is to say, it was a large, bare-looking room, the furniture of which had no doubt been better when it was newer, with a spacious table in the centre, and a variety of smaller dittos in the corners; an extensive assortment of variously shaped chairs, and an old Turkey carpet, bearing about the same relative proportion to the size of the room, as a lady's pocket-handkerchief might to the floor of a watch-box.
Doubtless there are many houses standing now on which those honest citizens turned their backs in sorrow,--quaint-gabled houses looking on the river, jammed between newer warehouses, and penetrated by surprising passages, which turn and turn at sharp angles till they lead you out on a muddy strand overflowed continually by the rushing tide.
If you haven't got anything newer than that to say,' growled Mr Codlin, glancing at the clock, 'you'd better let us fix our minds upon the supper, and not disturb us.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Construction Defect Center is launching a new initiative to help provide homeowners in a newer subdivision identify what could be serious construction defects, or defective products in their home in states such as California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, or New Mexico.
WOMEN who take newer brands of the Pill are almost twice as likely to be at risk of blood clots than those using older types, a new study by Midland researchers has found.
Global Banking News-August 22, 2013--KPMG report asks UK banks to gear up to face newer challenges(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
JOHANNESBURG (CyHAN)- Google has announced a newer version of its Nexus 7 tablet alongside a newer version of Android and Chromecast.
BSNL has been progressively inducting newer technologies through private and or public sector telecom companies; selected through their participation in the bidding process.
Newer antipsychotic drugs, which entered the market 15 years ago as safer, gentler alternatives, are as likely to cause deadly heart attacks as the schizophrenia medications they have largely replaced.