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The building looks best by moonlight, because the older portions of it, being stained with age, contrast unpleasantly with the newer and whiter portions.
As he examined the newer spoor a tiny particle of earth toppled from the outer edge of one of the footprints to the bottom of its shallow depression--ah, the trail was very fresh, his prey must have but scarcely passed.
It was a newer crisis in Rosamond's experience than even Dorothea could imagine: she was under the first great shock that had shattered her dream-world in which she had been easily confident of herself and critical of others; and this strange unexpected manifestation of feeling in a woman whom she had approached with a shrinking aversion and dread, as one who must necessarily have a jealous hatred towards her, made her soul totter all the more with a sense that she had been walking in an unknown world which had just broken in upon her.
That he had been new to women and newer still to love did not permit him to excuse himself, and a hundred times he cursed his folly and stupidity, and what he thought was fickleness.
You mustn't blame her too much, for she was just famishing for flesh, the way you are, sometimes, for a drink of water, when you've been playing hard." Thus rationalized, the old sow's conduct lost some of its grewsomeness, and in time, of course, the shock of the whole experience was submerged under other and newer impressions, but always the remembrance of it floated near the surface of his consciousness, his first outstanding memory of his father and the farm.
"My own reading of the situation for what it is worth--" he inflated his chest enormously and looked insolently around him at the words-- "is that evolution has advanced under the peculiar conditions of this country up to the vertebrate stage, the old types surviving and living on in company with the newer ones.
But underlying this thought, the first and most simple one, no doubt, there was in our opinion another, newer one, a corollary of the first, less easy to perceive and more easy to contest, a view as philosophical and belonging no longer to the priest alone but to the savant and the artist.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 25 (ANI): Congress interim president, Sonia Gandhi on Saturday congratulated PV Sindhu for winning a gold medal at the BWF World Championships and voiced hope that the Indian shuttler continues to earn laurels and scales newer heights in the days to come.
Newer, partly automated cars are safer than older cars because of their sensors, but when those newer cars get in accidents, the repair costs can be high, Joann Muller writes.
Before we tell you how to download it, know that the update is available only on the iPad Pro (includes all 12.9-inch, 11-inch, 10.5-inch, and 9.7-inch), iPad (fifth generation and newer), iPad mini (fourth generation and newer) and the iPad Air (second generation and newer).
The recovered cobalt is currently used for batteries of newer Apple devices.
Summary: Expansion into newer markets, introduction of newer products cited as reasons
Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday it has allocated $2 million to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to replace up to 80 model year 2006 and older short-haul trucks that service Port Authority facilities with cleaner, newer model-year trucks by offering truckers up to 50 percent of the cost to scrap and replace each vehicle up to $25,000.
For newer (1997 and beyond) Cessna aircraft, the seat belts are "dynamically certified." This apparently means that it is quite hard to find a place that will re-web them (none of the vendors mentioned in your article will).
Data from Liberty Mutual Insurance has shown that between 2014 and 2016, models' parts became 130 percent more expensive, while labour is 18 percent more for the newer models.