new wrinkle

a new wrinkle

A new and often unexpected aspect, dimension, innovation, development, or stratagem. If proven to be true, the discovery could signal a new wrinkle in the way we think about the evolutionary process. Their new, and unorthodox, pitcher has brought a new wrinkle to the team's offensive game. Well, this is certainly a new wrinkle—no one foresaw that the experiment would yield a rubber-like substance.
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new wrinkle

A clever device or expedient, a novelty, as in The players added a new wrinkle to victory celebrations by tossing their shirts to the crowd after the game . In the form of simply a wrinkle, this expression dates from the mid-1700s, new being added two centuries later.
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new wrinkle, a

A happy expedient, a novel or different device. The transfer of “wrinkle” from rumpled clothing or age-lined skin took place in the 1800s, but the idea of novelty was added in the United States in the early 1900s. Jazz composer W. C. Handy used it in Father of the Blues (1941): “In addition to twirling their batons, they added the new wrinkle of tossing them back and forth.” This cliché is particularly popular with business journalists.
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"Our defensive coach (Kyle Wagner) put a new wrinkle in for us this year.
Each chapter reveals a new wrinkle in the scheme and a character who could be either friend or foe, testing Glen's instincts at each turn.
A new wrinkle has appeared in the Prince estate, although undoubtedly not for long.
It's a new wrinkle in the routine and your dog might be confused.
Due to the generation of the new wrinkle, the wrinkling angle [bar.[[eta].sub.[alpha]]] exhibits a slight increment.
But the case against gained a new wrinkle at a hearing Thursday, with the professors' lawyers now adding a claim that UT-Austin's gun policies are too vague to be enforced.
At first glance, this new wrinkle may contradict the very essence and ethos of heroic flicks, but word has it that it's being welcomed thus far by superflicks buffs, due to their surprise or accessibility-plus factors.
This latest procedural cynically serves up the serial-killer version of "We Are the World," simply to put a new wrinkle on a genre where the only border that really counts is on a chalk outline.
One new wrinkle was an automated cell in which a Freeformer was tended by a Kuka robot instead of a human operator (see p.
A new wrinkle can sometimes help an old product find a surprising new market, as happened recently when a reality TV personality posted a video on YouTube touting the benefits of shaving her face.
Here's a whole new wrinkle on the issue of the gas pipeline to Pakistan.
"So every time I see a new wrinkle, I try to think I'm lucky enough to have one."
One new wrinkle this year is that in the contemporary round of the competition, dancers are being asked to perform specific works by choreographers Trey McIntyre and Matthew Neenan.
This added a new wrinkle in the months-long debate over the biofuel rules, as the agricultural industry makes a last-ditch effort to fight the proposed cuts.Within weeks, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to make a final decision on 2014 quotas for blending biofuels into US gasoline and diesel fuel.