new wrinkle

a new wrinkle

A new and often unexpected aspect, dimension, innovation, development, or stratagem. If proven to be true, the discovery could signal a new wrinkle in the way we think about the evolutionary process. Their new, and unorthodox, pitcher has brought a new wrinkle to the team's offensive game.
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new wrinkle

A clever device or expedient, a novelty, as in The players added a new wrinkle to victory celebrations by tossing their shirts to the crowd after the game . In the form of simply a wrinkle, this expression dates from the mid-1700s, new being added two centuries later.
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new wrinkle, a

A happy expedient, a novel or different device. The transfer of “wrinkle” from rumpled clothing or age-lined skin took place in the 1800s, but the idea of novelty was added in the United States in the early 1900s. Jazz composer W. C. Handy used it in Father of the Blues (1941): “In addition to twirling their batons, they added the new wrinkle of tossing them back and forth.” This cliché is particularly popular with business journalists.
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There's no question that the way the president chooses to speak directly to people through social media is a new wrinkle in international diplomacy," Trudeau said.
Researchers report this new wrinkle in the so-called faint young sun paradox (SN: 5/4/13, p.
Sniffing around the movie studios and their new offerings for the 2016-'17 season, we figure that producers of superhero flicks, which dominated the box office last year, have come up with a new wrinkle to keep viewers keyed up:
This latest procedural cynically serves up the serial-killer version of "We Are the World," simply to put a new wrinkle on a genre where the only border that really counts is on a chalk outline.
So every time I see a new wrinkle, I try to think I'm lucky enough to have one.
The work presents a dramatic new wrinkle in the arguments for reducing man-made pollutants worldwide.
This is an entirely new wrinkle on the insurance issue.
points to the company's slogan, "Homeowners helping homeowners," as the starting point for a recurring promotion at the market that featured a new wrinkle this year.
And then there's a new wrinkle, in order to make this story perfect.
While the Democratic support for the troop withdrawal timeline is not surprising, the number of Republicans who jumped aboard the withdrawal movement represents a new wrinkle in GOP politics.
If I develop a new wrinkle I think it's quite nice as your face shows your character and who you are.
I must be honest - when it comes to a quick fix, I'm first past the post for a new wrinkle filler, "regenerist" something or other and "cosmeceutical" non-surgical procedure.
GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) essentially reiterates its 2008 Roadmap, but there's one new wrinkle that business groups will applaud: The Commission has made a concession on a deadline.
The only new wrinkle was the Fed will extend the buying program to the end of October by slowing the rate of purchases, whereas the program was set to end in mid-September.
has added a new wrinkle to its generic drug program, offering a 90-day supply of about 300 generic prescriptions for $10, with free delivery by mail.