new woman

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feel like a new man/woman

To feel completely refreshed and in good health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man. I'll feel like a new woman once I have a shower and a good night's sleep.
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new man

1. A version of one's self that is completely refreshed and/or in better health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. Almost always used in the phrase "feel like a new man/woman." After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man.
2. A man who shares household and child-rearing responsibilities equally with his wife. Often capitalized. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jacob is definitely a New Man. He's always helping his wife around the house and taking care of the kids.
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new woman

see under feel like oneself.
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The New Woman of the future will be the woman with the petticoats, she who shall restore the ancient Eleusinian mysteries of the silk skirt and the tea-gown.
In the first place, this new woman understood a good deal more than was usual for young people of her age; so much indeed, that Totski could not help wondering where she had picked up her knowledge.
This new woman gave him further to understand that though it was absolutely the same to her whom he married, yet she had decided to prevent this marriage--for no particular reason, but that she chose to do so, and because she wished to amuse herself at his expense for that it was "quite her turn to laugh a little now!"
I felt as if I had slept, and had now just awakened--a new woman, with a new mind.
He spoke as he had spoken at the memorable interview between them which had made a new woman of her.
Although her taste in art resembles that of a much more unrestrained New Woman (like Celia Madden of Harold Frederic's 1896 The Damnation of Theron Ware(37)), Dede never allows her passions to overwhelm her to the point of premarital sex, a celibacy that London rewards by making her pregnant not long after her marriage.
Can a case be made for conceiving Lehmbruck's almost giant "new woman," emerging from the old Eve like an otherworldly butterfly, as just another kind of--more "intellectual"--femme fatale or idol?
As the title of the volume suggests, editors Sandra Campbell and Lorraine McMullen link women's literary production in this period with the emergence of that archetype of 'modern' urban life, the New Woman, whose development mirrored and, in part, symbolized Canada's transformation from a rural and agrarian society to one increasingly dominated by the exigencies of urban and industrial life.
Murphy explores the presence of the New Woman Gothic in literary fiction in the late nineteenth century, focusing on how literary representations provide current-day readers with examples with which to explore this figure.
He revealed the pounds 46 deed poll fee was money well spent, as he has already proved a knockout with a new woman.
She added, "She's a new woman. She's happy to confirm that she's in love again."
It is important to remember, Hunter points out, that the icon of the New Woman, "The Gibson Girl," was, in fact, a girl.
(1) Organized by the museum's Curator of Nineteenth-Century American Art, Holly Pyne Connor, and Mary Kate O'Hare, Assistant Curator of American Art, the beautifully installed exhibition succeeded admirably in narrating through images the story of the New Woman who emerged at the end of the nineteenth-century.
THE latest in a best-selling compilation series from best-selling magazine New Woman, New Woman 2005 sticks to the winning formula and gives the Now That's What I Call Music compilations a run for their money with its collection of the latest pop hits and R&B joints, all with a female slant