new man

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feel like a new man/woman

To feel completely refreshed and in good health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man. I'll feel like a new woman once I have a shower and a good night's sleep.
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new man

1. A version of one's self that is completely refreshed and/or in better health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. Almost always used in the phrase "feel like a new man/woman." After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man.
2. A man who shares household and child-rearing responsibilities equally with his wife. Often capitalized. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jacob is definitely a New Man. He's always helping his wife around the house and taking care of the kids.
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new man

see under feel like oneself.
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new woman

see under feel like oneself.
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a ˌnew ˈman

(British English) a man who shares the work in the home that is traditionally done by women, such as cleaning, cooking and taking care of children. New men are considered sensitive and not aggressive: He is comfortable with his ‘new man’ image, and has been known to leave the office early to go home and cook dinner for his family.
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You said yourself he was unhatched, Lizzie; very well--I'll sit on him, I'll hatch him out, I'll make a new man of him.
The new man concept grew in the 1990s as women demanded partners who were not afraid to show their more caring, more feminine side.
Another issue that deserved more explicit analysis but failed to receive it was the contrasts between the Weimar Bauhaus' New Man and the Dessau Bauhaus' New Man.
According to Simpson, the account of Fronesis's journey to the Citadel of God must be read as narrating not only the actions preliminary to the creation of the New Man but also, from the perspective of intrinsic information, as an account of what must happen to the New Man after the vices have been routed - after, that is, the account of the battle of the second part.
Now reborn as a new man, fully aware of his own divine will, he decides to "'go back to Makanda[,Illinois,] and look for some land to settle on - solid ground for once'" (204) - to become the benevolent, self-giving god-king figure, like his brother Jackson and the Reverend Chandler, dedicated to the well-being of the community.
Ex Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is still around, while new man Jack Qwant, Patrick Dempsey, is trying to win her affections.
However, the caretaker boss has admitted it would benefit the club to act fast and recruit a new man, with four days of the transfer window already lapsed.
Cece's new man isn't the only new casting for season two.
If a new man walks through the door, everything is there for him.
During a performance of The New Man there is nothing to see except for the activity of the audience members.
Sydney, July 14 (ANI): Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt's wife Bec Hewitt has started legal proceedings against women's magazine New Idea for stating that she had a new man in her life, who in fact is her brother.
I've just met a great new man and told him about my problems.
We all have different ideas of what a new man should be.
The difficulties can't be solved overnight by Arriva Trains Wales but let us hope the new man in charge can make some improvement now he has seen for himself the problems passengers face.
The words in the movie's title also refer to the plot point that Superman (Brandon Routh, notable more for acting like Reeve rather than looking like him) has been away from Earth for five years, long enough for main squeeze Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) to have found the time to snag a new man (James Marsden), have a kid (Tristan Lake Leabu) and win a Pulitzer Prize for an editorial titled ``Why the World Doesn't Need Superman.