new blood

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new blood

New members of a group or organization, especially young, energetic people meant to be a revitalizing force. The problem is that the company hasn't adapted to the massive changes in technology. They really need some new blood onboard to bring a fresh perspective to how things should work.
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(some) new blood

 and fresh blood
Fig. new personnel; new members brought into a group to revive it. This company needs some new blood on its board to bring in new ideas. We're trying to get some new blood in the club. our membership is falling.
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new blood

Additional, fresh individuals regarded as an invigorating force, as in an organization. For example, The board could really use some new blood next year. This metaphoric expression, first recorded in 1853, alludes to a blood transfusion and employs new in the sense of "fresh."
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new blood


fresh blood

COMMON If you talk about new blood or fresh blood, you mean new people who are brought into an organization to introduce new ideas and energy. It's reported that the directors want to bring new blood to the management team. This is a chance to freshen up the government and make way for new blood. Hopefully I'll be able to bring fresh blood to the team and a new perspective. Compare with young blood.
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new (or young) blood

new (or younger) members of a group, especially those admitted as an invigorating force.
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fresh/new/young ˈblood

new members of a group or organization who have fresh ideas, skills, etc. and so make the group more efficient: What this committee really needs is some new blood.
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It's been really fantastic fun and exciting working with such new talent, new blood in every sense of the word, on a show that's so action-full.
This allowed the production of new blood vessels to re-start and eventually the tumour continued to grow.
Two types have been identified: synthetic smooth muscle cells, which migrate through the surrounding tissue, continue to divide and help support the newly formed blood vessels; and contractile smooth muscles cells, which remain in place, stabilize the growth of new blood vessels and help them maintain proper blood pressure.
Endothelial cells are necessary for new blood vessel growth.
Medications that prevent the growth of new blood vessels have already been introduced, but their effectiveness and long-term efficacy leave much to be desired.
Co-author Professor Geoffrey Pickering added: "It appears that new blood vessels that form using approaches to date do not last long, and may not have the ability to control the flow of blood into the areas starved of oxygen.
To investigate the process, scientists cultivated new blood vessels in Petri dishes from the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels of the umbilical cord.
Mr Sloan, who runs a cane furniture shop Robin's Nest, said: ``I am acutely aware that in order to serve the community well, we must move forward with new blood and new ideas.
Fortunately, we have discovered that nicotine can induce growth of new blood vessels around these obstructions," says David Summers, chairman and chief executive of Endovasc.
Its vascular endothiel growth factor (VEGF2) - now in phase I and II clinical studies and developed by a spin-off company, Vascular Genetics - generates new blood vessels, arteries, and veins in the limbs.
Doctors may soon be able to grow you some new blood vessels.
After completion in 1994, the new Blood Center Services will become the most technologically advanced facility in the world, housing blood collection and donor service operations as well as distribution and recruitment functions.
The compensatory growth of new blood vessels around the heart when a coronary artery becomes blocked is a good thing--indeed, it may be life-saving.
A new blood test allowing doctors to predict which ovarian cancer patients will respond to particular types of treatment is a step closer following the publication of a new study.