new blood

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new blood

New members of a group or organization, especially young, energetic people meant to be a revitalizing force. The problem is that the company hasn't adapted to the massive changes in technology. They really need some new blood onboard to bring a fresh perspective to how things should work.
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(some) new blood

 and fresh blood
Fig. new personnel; new members brought into a group to revive it. This company needs some new blood on its board to bring in new ideas. We're trying to get some new blood in the club. our membership is falling.
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new blood

Additional, fresh individuals regarded as an invigorating force, as in an organization. For example, The board could really use some new blood next year. This metaphoric expression, first recorded in 1853, alludes to a blood transfusion and employs new in the sense of "fresh."
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new blood


fresh blood

COMMON If you talk about new blood or fresh blood, you mean new people who are brought into an organization to introduce new ideas and energy. It's reported that the directors want to bring new blood to the management team. This is a chance to freshen up the government and make way for new blood. Hopefully I'll be able to bring fresh blood to the team and a new perspective. Compare with young blood.
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new (or young) blood

new (or younger) members of a group, especially those admitted as an invigorating force.
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fresh/new/young ˈblood

new members of a group or organization who have fresh ideas, skills, etc. and so make the group more efficient: What this committee really needs is some new blood.
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