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Sumitomo also introduced the iiiSystem, its new real-time production and quality monitoring system.
Milacron's Powerline NT550 all-electric press at the show featured a new high-capacity (54-oz) direct-drive injection unit.
April 11--The New York Building Congress will host a Construction Industry Breakfast Forum with The Honorable Thomas R Suozzi, Nassau County Executive and Gubernatorial candidate.
April 11--The Young Mortgage Bankers Association networking hour and luncheon program titled "Out-of-Town Investors: How They View the New York City Market in 2006," will take place at The Union League Club, 38 E.
A change of pace for playwright David Mamet: a drawing-room comedy about a New England lesbian romance set around 1900.
Playwrights Horizons, New York City, February 10-March 26, opening night March 5
This year, the 26-year-old Burbank resident said she's adding on to those traditions as she spends New Year's Day with her Dominican boyfriend - in part thanks to those red underwear she got last year - in his homeland.
My boyfriend tells me that for New Year's Eve, they take a suitcase outside, and for the new year, they walk back in with it,'' she said.
Sarah Charlesworth, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York (New York gallery debut)
TV--not yet balkanized by a thousand cable channels--still seemed like the public square, and the miniseries, a new form, might hold possibilities to which even movies couldn't aspire.
If you're considering a new test or procedure with no track record, estimate demand by counting patients in your database with diagnoses that may call for it.
A growing number of people in your area who fit the general characteristics of those likely to need your new service suggests a still stronger demand.
Local health departments were requested to collect and report dead birds to the state health departments of New York and Connecticut.
In New York State, a geographic information system was used to geocode locations of WN virus-positive birds and to generate maps.
A common reason for buying new software is to gain more control of documents and records.